Christmas card from the cats

I thought it would be cute to send us a Christmas card from the cats. So I got a card that said it was from the cats, addressed it to us, put this address and the cats’ names in the return address, and mailed it on Monday. It arrived Wednesday.

Coincidentally, we also received a card from Cat Country Resort, where the cats stay when we’re away. Mrs. L.A. thought Cat Country sent us two cards! :stuck_out_tongue: I didn’t tell her it was actually I who sent it. She liked the card and thought it was cute. :slight_smile:

OK, that was really mundane and pointless. But I had to share.

Aawww, Johnny that was sweet. And you cook, too! What are you? The perfect spouse? Happy Christmas!!

Yeah, pretty much. :smiley:

I’m also unbelievably modest. :o:

Dude, buy yourself a Christmas present! You deserve it.

No Xmas cards but Mrs. FtG has been receiving birthday, Valentines Day and Mothers Day cards from the cat(s) for quite a few years.

Note that in cat-ese they are addressed to “Meowmy”.

People think cats can address and mail cards??? :confused::confused: :smiley:

I send one to my cousin that is supposedly from her stupid dog, and put fingerpaints on his feet to have a paw print on it.

I thought about paw prints, but we received a card with Harvey’s paw print when we received his ashes. Not a connection I want to make. :frowning:

I don’t think I’d try to put the Siameses paws in ink. There would be paw prints where my eyes used to be. Then I couldn’t see the ones on the ceiling. Maybe a nice Polaroid shot from a distance. Have I mentioned they are evil? Beautiful, but evil! Yeah, evil is the word.

(Don’t tell them I said that)

They already know, they already know… :smiley:

Yeah, they are looking at me right now, because I had the temerity to move my foot, which was asleep because they are both in my lap. I live a life of hell, y’all cannot believe. I did one good thing right I got the correct treats, so maybe I am safe tonight.

I always include cards from the cats on the wife’s birthday, our anniversary, Christmas and the like. They are part of the family and don’t have any money, so I do it for them.

Our cats always leave a card for the staff in the Christmas tree. Very considerate masters that way.

My cats used to send cards to my (now) ex-wife.

My cats don’t send cards now, but (I think) they do look forward to the slew of new toys they get at Christmas.