Christmas Cards for Doper Kids - 2013

I haven’t seen a thread yet this year. Is anyone planning to co-ordinate? I’d like to participate this year, if possible. Last year’s thread.


I’d like to participate too. :slight_smile:

I’ve been meaning to post this and kept being sidetracked by other things. I’m willing to organize again, so if you have kids who would appreciate a bunch of Christmas cards from faraway places, PM me with their names and addresses (and optionally ages). If you want to send cards, PM or post here, and I will PM the list of kids and addresses to you.

I have no kids but I’d like to send cards.


I’m sort of surprised at the lack of participation. Last year and the year before, people were much more excited to have cards sent to their kids.


They all must have gotten cards from “THAT Doper…”

I’m in the same situation. :slight_smile:
paging the parents

Count me into the card-sending camp!

Add me to the list of those sending ---- and thanks SG for the nudge and Books for all the work.

I would like to send cards again his year.

I would like my 6-year old son to receive cards again this year. Logistics from China make it a hassle to send out a lot of cards so we will again be one-sided on the exchange.

Okay, so we’ve got one card-receiver so far. Would anyone else have kids who would like to receive cards?

My girls were very happy to hear from both of you last year. We’d love to participate. I have a ten year old and a two year old. The two year old is a bit oblivious but the ten year old was squealing in delight when she saw the cards from people around the world.

Dopers are the best!

My boys also would like to participate. I have two, an 8 year old and a 6 year old. I’ll PM Bookkeeper the address.

Unfortunately, finances are tight so we will be one-sided as well. Dopers truly are the best.

Well, I’m technically “one-sided” too, being a giver but not a receiver. :slight_smile: In any case, it’s okay. I enjoy giving out cards.

No kids, but I’m happy to send a couple of cards, if a postmark from Dallas TX is exotic and exciting enough. :slight_smile:

Add another to the list to send only.

I can send some cards from the Caribbean.

I’m in, I have two girls, 7 and 5, I’m sure they’ll like to write a few cards at least. They liked getting them the last time.

I have a 5 year old daughter who would love to receive cards or mail for that matter. Pm sent.

OK, so far we have the following participants (with some receivers sending as well):


Edward The Head



I’ll wait a bit more for late arrivals and PM the first round of addresses tomorrow.