Christmas dilemma

I really, really want to get my husband a Nintendo Wii for Christmas and Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess for his birthday (his birthday is on Christmas). However, I’m not willing to pay the scalpers’ prices for the Wii. No way. So, what I had planned was to do my best to get one before Christmas, assuming there’s going to be more shipments of them coming, and if I don’t manage to get one before Christmas, I was going to get him a gift card with enough on it for the Wii once one is available.

But, I had to go buy headphones for work last night since my old (beloved :() headphones stopped working yesterday, and my backup pair are really uncomfortable if I’m wearing glasses. So, he helped me pick out a pair which are REALLY nice, and he’s more excited about them than I am. He was really, really hoping they wouldn’t work out for my job so he could have them. Unfortunately, I love them too, they’re comfy, and the sound quality is awesome, so I’m keeping them.

So, now I’m thinking about getting him his own pair for Christmas and the Zelda game for GameCube for his birthday instead. He’s VERY excited for Twilight Princess, but he hasn’t gotten it yet because of our no buying things we’re very excited for in proximity to Christmas. But I’m waffling.

I really, really want a Wii myself, they look way fun, so I’ll probably get us one after Christmas.

Do you think the Wii is going to become easier to find for retail price before Christmas? Or shortly after Christmas?

Is the Wii version of Twilight Princess significantly better than the GameCube version?

If you were a huge Legend of Zelda geek, but also very, very into music, which gifts would you prefer?

I’ve heard places are getting some Wii shipments in soon. Call or visit your local retailers and see if you can hold one (some places will allow you to buy a giftcard for the amount of purchase price or something to reserve one).

I’m pretty sure the Wii be available agin before christmas, I base this on my experience with the gamecube. After standing in line for six hours to make sure we had one for Christmas day, we saw them everywhere two weeks later. Nintendo is very good at feeding the retail chains, Get the headphones now and keep looking for the Wii and Zelda. Thats what I’m doing.