Christmas gifts, especially unusual ones

Two weekends to go and I’m drawing a blank on half the people on my list. They cover thew full range: mother-in-law to nieces and nephews.

Let’s use the power of the Dope to create a list that will be a beacon for the nation.


Okay, just give me a few suggestions, if you please.


Obviously, copies of Cecil’s books! :slight_smile:

You should poke around NOVICA. They have all kinds of things, many at good prices. (Ok, all of them are priced fairly considering the things are artisan made.)

Thanks so far, y’all.

What are the rest of you giving? Gift cards?!!

I may give have some pastry delivered from Mike’s Pastry in Boston.

Anyone within 100 miles knows the place. SENS-sational!

There are places that deliver “gourmet” dinner, but it’s all frozen. Last year I called my buddy’s favorite a restaurant in Bigfork, MT and bought him and his wife dinner… big hit.

Somebody’s getting a car stereo. I guess MP3 players are obsolete now. It’'s flash drives now, huh? Not as big, but sturdier and far cheaper.

My niece photocopied all the letters I sent her when I was in the service and put them together in a nice folder, very sweet.

Depending on your budget, you might want to look at National Geographic’s gifty stuff. I received a flyer over the weekend, and there are some really nice items in there. Too bad I can’t afford most of them. :frowning:

Also for the gift giver who has a few bucks, the Sundance gift site has really nice stuff. I can’t touch most of it, but I really like looking: Women's Clothing, Jewelry & Home Decor | Sundance Catalog

If you’re tired of shopping for material things that the recipient may not want or ever use, you might consider a site like this:

You will be giving something that is actually desperately needed, and the person on your list will know that something good was done in their name. You know, the Christmas spirit and all.

My trick for the last three years has been to visit the Royal BC Museum gift shop in our city for unique things.

What am I giving people for Christmas? Mostly a hard time, just like any other day.

Most of our gifts this year are in the usual clothing/jewelry range, especially for the less close family. For the closer family, it’s a little less typical, but still not particularly unusual.

My dad is getting a small rolling cooler to take around the golf course with him, as is my uncle who golfs.

For Mom I’m making the new purse she was none-too-subtly hinting about. For the parents as a set, we commissioned a wire horse-head sculpture from an artist and relief vet I work with sometimes. She’s even going to make it look like one of the horses they used to have.

My brother is getting a box set of George Carlin books, and a crocheted ewok. The ewok isn’t really going so great, but I figure if he doesn’t like the way it’s done he can crochet his own damn ewok next time.

My first sister-in-law is getting a cool ceramic pie plate I found, a makeup bag to match the purse/wallet/phone case I made her last year, and a Kohl’s gift card. (She asked for the card specifically.)

The precious little baby niece (who is four, so I guess no longer really a baby) is getting a pink stuffed pony purse. Plus a miniature version of this purse in a pink butterfly fabric, some lip glosses, and a mirrored compact I’ve painted so one side looks like makeup. And her very own makeup brush.

My grandparents are getting a gift certificate for their favorite restaurant.

Father-in-law is getting a Leatherman skeletool.

Haven’t decided about mom-in-law.

His granny is getting new silverware, since that’s what she said she wanted. And maybe a new 4-cup coffee pot, also what she said she wanted.

My understanding is that second sister-in-law is getting cash.

Most of the friends are getting infused oils, fancy syrups, cookies, all that sort of jazz. One friend is getting an autographed copy of the new printing of Holidays on Ice. Her sister just got a Wii and is getting Wii points so she can download some of the old games she loved as a kid.

My brother-in-law is getting three bottles of fancy gourmet BBQ sauce. (In three different hotnesses.)

My sister is getting Swedish tiles to put on her wall.

Mom is getting a fancy cutting board.

Aunt and uncle are getting a nice tray.

My older brother is getting my dad some land in Australia. He briefly considered getting some in Ireland, too. Not a lot you can do with this stuff, but it sure is novel.

I went on ebay and got some amber with insects in them, very cool (well for a boy/guy), .5 inch round rare earth magnets with 6 or 8 ball bearings surrounding them (huge hit with the guys) its hard to beleive how strong these things are and just a couple weeks ago a meteorite fragment for the fil. Hmmmm, looking at this list I have to get the wife to buy some girly stuff…

merry christmas all eh!

Uh, hello? BACON SALT!