Christmas Proposals (Men read this)

Just a reminder for guys that are going to give an egagement ring for Christmas.

It doesn’t matter what that ring cost, buy a seperate Christmas present.

Years after a couple has married, I’ve heard “He still owes me a (Birthday, Valintines, or Christmas present. He only gave me this engagement ring that day.”

It will save you from hearing that for the rest of your life.

Anybody out there hear this from their spouses, or do they just bring this up when the husband isn’t around.

I’m only your wildest fear, from the corners of your darkest thoughts.


Another reminder for guys: If you’re at all appalled at the thought of marrying a woman who remembers for years that “all” you gave her for Christmas was an engagement ring, rethink the proposal.

Phobia–no, I was smart enough to propose to my wife in June, not December. Why would anyone want to propose so near a major holiday?

I would hope that If I ever said anything so selfish, my husband would slap me one and file for divorce. Sheesh!
(really hoping that was a joke)

Love is like popsicles…you get too much you get to high.

Not enough and you’re gonna die…
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I’m not proposing, but have heard this remark from different women over the years.

It may be a toughtless remark by these women, which I would consider offensive had I married them.

I think they are serious though after all those years of doing a slow burn. These women have been married ten or more years. I have never heard it from a just married couple.

Little things grow into big things as the years go by.

My dad was being really pissy to my mother and getting worse over a six month period. I got mad and made him tell her and me why he was doing this.

At least a minute of silence, before he says he was mad that he had to ride to the hospital with my aunt that smoked, and he had to choke on her smoke the whole way. Mom should have driven him.

This was a scheduled surgery, the day before. My mom’s income would be all that was coming in for a couple weeks at least.
We had gone to see him that night after work, and we were all there the day of his surgery, and every night after.

Little things can grow into big things over time.