Christmas Zombie Movie Marathon

A group of us is planning on watching some zombie movies over Christmas since my wife liked “Shaun of the Dead” so much (who knew?). I know there are plenty of lists on-line, but I imagine Dopers might have a different opinion. I’m open to suggestions of classics and favorites. I am also hoping to find a Christmas zombie movies to start it off, no matter how bad it may be. IMDb wasn’t much help here.

I actually enjoyed “Zombieland”. But in the spirit of the season, I suggest “Dead Snow” (or “Dod Sno”) - it’s Norwegian with English subtitles. It’s supposed to be Easter but it’s cold and wintery so hey, pretend it’s Christmas. :wink:

The only Christmas zombie movie that I can think of at the moment is also a favorite of mine, and a Christmas tradition: Night of the Comet.

A comet returns to Earth after 65 million years. Some people die, some people live, and some people are turned into zombies. Still others go shopping at the mall, and play a game called, “Scary Noises”. An E-ticket attraction!

Other than ‘Shaun of the Dead’, if I were doing Zombie movies, my list would include ‘Zombieland’, ‘Night of the Living Dead’ (a classic), ‘28 Days Later’ and the follow up, and ‘The Evil Dead’ trilogy.

And, I’m embarrassed to admit…I’d probably add the first ‘Resident Evil’ movie starring Milla Johovich. It’s based on a video game. It has a scantily clad woman kicking ass. It’s a lot of fun. sheepish

I can’t think of any Christmas themed zombie movies that I enjoyed. Hmmm…

I just found Santa Claus Versus the Zombies! For some reason I doubt our local library has it.

I plan on having Zombieland and Night of the Living Dead there. How good was Dawn of the Dead and all the ones after it?

Dawn is considered a classic of the genre. The remake is actually quite good too.
Day of The Dead is decent. Land of the Dead is okay… last two are not good at all.

Dead Snow is enjoyable.

I recommend Nightmare City–it’s more in the crazed maniac zombie genre then the traditional walking dead style.

Flight of the Living Dead is a fun b-movie.

FIDO is great fun and if you are starting with Shaun of the Dead, it makes a good humorous companion piece.

There’s a HUGE list of zombie flicks in Wiki.

Basically I’d suggest the films **Lady of the Lake **listed, except the Resident Evil stuff (scantily clad heroine notwithstanding):smiley:

The original Dawn of the Dead, definitely. I mean what says Christmas more than a mall?

Also, it was actually filmed at night in a working mall during the Christmas season, and they had to replace all the Christmas decorations each night after filming, according to one of the commentaries.

I realize the “remake” is also set in a mall, but I still recommend the original.

Zombie Honeymoon is actually pretty good, and it’s about a young couple in love, and one of them slowly turns into a zombie. It’s definitely b-grade quality, but I actually liked it a lot. It’s not your typical zombie movie.

Fido, as already mentioned, is fantastic. Definitely try to get your hands on it if you can.

I’m a huge fan of the Dawn of the Dead remake (2004?). It’s kinda dark humor, action packed, and pretty scary.

Return of the living dead movies are usually kind of fun and a bit scary, though I haven’t seen all of them.

Avoid at all costs the Day of the Dead from 2008 or somewhere around there. It’s not even a remake of the original, and it’s only good for heckling.

I also agree with Zombieland. Fido, Shaun, and Zombieland are 3 funny ones you could spread out amongst the scarier ones.

Not a remake? But they both have zombies named BUD! :stuck_out_tongue:

But yeah, it’s crappy as hell, and pretty obvious why it went DTV unlike the Dawn reimagining.

Oddly both Dawn and Day have Ving Rhames in them, but not as the same character. He’s also in this year’s Zombie Apocalypse, which I’ve never seen, but given that it debuted on Syfy, I’m betting it’s not particularly good.

I love the remake of Dawn of the Dead. I will drop everything and watch parts of it whenever it’s on. It stars Jake Weber and there are surprising bits in the closing credits after the movie ends…

WOOT! I get to be first to list this movie on the SDMB (AFAIK)!

If you have Netflix streaming, I know they have Aaah! Zombies, which IMDB for some reason lists as Wasting Away.

It’s an awesome movie, lots of fun, and it’s got a twist that I’m sure is making M. Night Shamalamadingdong furious with jealousy: it’s told from the perspective of the zombies!

Nitpick: It’s “Bub” I think. But [1985 version] is a wicked slow burner of a movie that really works. First time you watch it you’ll be disappointed but every subsequent viewing grows until you think it’s the best zombie movie ever!

For a classic, you can’t go wrong with The Last Man on Earth. It’s a little slow, but powerful. And hey! Vincent Price!

Dead Alive (AKA Braindead) is my favorite. It is a horror/comedy somewhat in the same vein as Shaun of the Dead, although there is a LOT more gore.

Ehhhh… It does have a great premise… but the movie drags on way too long.

People infected with the zombie virus don’t realize they are infected–they perceive the non-infected world as being sped up. They can communicate to each other but not to anyone else.

Bound to be some zombie movies here.

It’s on Hulu!

There’s a pretty good little French zombie film called The Horde: a team of corrupt drug cops stage a “raid” on a notorious drug dealer with the intent of killing him in revenge for the murder of one of their team mates. In the middle of the raid, there’s a zombie apocalypse, and the cops and drug dealers are stranded on the roof of a decrepit apartment building swarming with zombies, and must fight their way to the street to try to get to safety.

Wow, did we leave the awesome Planet Terror off this list? :smack: WTF were we thinking?