Chrome Browser Question

I like Chrome and have been using it as my primary browser for about a year now. I’m not sure how I did it, but I somehow changed the behavior and would like to change it back to how it was before.

When I am in a tab, looking at my Yahoo! mail for example, and click on a link in my message it used to open a new tab right next to the one I was working in and bring up whatever URL I had just clicked on. Now it replaces the URL that was in the tab I was working in (Yahoo! Mail goes away) and doesn’t launch an adjacent tab. Any idea how to get it to do that again?

It’s annoying because I keep losing things when I close a tab and forget to go back instead. :smack:

Normally links open in the same browser tab unless they have a target parameter set. Maybe you are just clicking different links than you did before? It looks like there are Chrome extensions you can install to make the default behavior opening a new tab, or you can do Command-Shift-Click (Ctrl-Shift-Click on Windows), or right-click and choose “Open Link in a New Tab”.

The Chrome Toolbox extension used to provide this option. However, at some point this year Chrome stopped supporting the plug-in architecture that made it possible. That might be why it used to work and doesn’t any more.

As Greg Charles said, there are shortcuts to open links in a new tab (another is to click the mouse middle button or roller wheel). You might also search for a new extension or Greasemonkey (Tampermonkey) script. It probably isn’t a hard script to write, so maybe someone has done it.