Chronos, remove your commentary on this thread

You can read it here, it’s a short one, only 25 posts.

In talking about the General Milley quotes (plus 140 other people)that came out that week, all of which were of course denied by the people that supposedly said them So I asked a series of questions about why people don’t and if people could just record those conversations. Things like if you can detect if a phone is recording in person or on the other end of the phone.

Since I got a bunch of guesses, along with a few actual facts ( and thanks again for those who provided factual answers in GQ), I flagged my own thread and asked that it either be moved to IMHO, where I could try to reframe the subject or to close the thread. This is the reply I got from Chronos. Bolding is mine.


If your intention was to encourage lawbreaking, then this thread is closed.

Nobody was breaking the law or asking anyone to break the law in that thread. It is legal to record conversations in DC and Virginia with only one person’s knowledge. Even another mod had pointed this out right before his modding. If talking hypotheticals about legal actions is against board rules now you are going to be closing a lot of threads. Again, no lawbreaking was encouraged since it’s not against the law.

So I sent him a PM, asking him to take off his unneeded commentary. I didn’t care that he closed the thread, I specifically asked him to close it.
He ignored my PM for 24 hours, even while he was talking to me in other threads. So I sent him another PM, explaining again that it was legal to record in DC and Virginia, and this was the reply I received:

You said “So what if it’s a crime?”, and stated that you would choose the crime, and asked why others don’t. That’s encouraging lawbreaking.

It was a hypothetical situation we were talking about. Not real life.

If this is the standard for encouraging crime, I should see every post about smoking weed modded and that doesn’t happen.

And I’ll say this again, like I did in the Hari_Seldon thread, mods should not ignore PMs. It’s the only way posters have to communicate with you and ignoring them is showing outright disrespect for their concerns. If you have time to post in threads, you have time to read and respond to PMs.

I would strongly advise you to stop trying to give orders to the staff. You are not an admin.