Chuck (03/02/2009): Chuck vs the Beefcake

Unless Andy Richter rises from the dead to look for Chuck’s braaaaaiiiiiins, I think we can safely say we unfortunately won’t be seeing him anymore. Quite the display of beefcake tonight, although I (like Ellie) could have gone without having to see Morgan’s fruitbasket. I’m sorry that we didn’t get to see more of the SI swimsuit models. Nice shoutout to Austin Powers as well as Terminator.

Wow, misleading episode title much?

ok - I like Chuck - and I can get past many of the super secret techno nerd things they let him do at the nerd herd cubicle.

However, riddle me this fair dopes…

How did the super secret info from Chuck’s Fulcrum test manage to make it to a chip and into Andy Richter’s belt buckle when Andy Richter (and all his cohorts) died at the scene? WIthin mere moments of Chuck’s successful test?

huh? huh?

There was a little camera in the belt buckle - the hole for the lens was visible in the close ups. Incidentally, Andy Richter was indeed wearing that belt buckle in “Chuck vs the Suburbs”.

ok - you’re saying the chip was just flash memory? of course, the angles that were recorded dont line up…

I got the Terminator reference. What was the Austin Powers?

I think the strategic placement of fruit…

Ah. Pretty sure that gag had been around before Austin Powers, which is why I didn’t think it was a reference to anything.

But trying to read a memory chip with alligator clips is OK, right?

Generally not - its pretty ‘clear’ that he was supplying both power and an output to the card - trying to read it… that’s why I took the card/device/thingy to be much more complicated than a file saved on a flash memory device (ala MP3 file)… clearly fulcrum went to great lengths to require a device specific player for it, and a GPS homing signal if someone powered it up… all that seems much more than a “belt buckle video cam”.

I think you’re taking this show far, far too seriously.

nah - I’m having fun with it - my complaint is meant in good humor… I hope…

Well, I’m just glad that both Chuck and Reaper are back.

Y’know, we fans of both Chuck and Reaper really need a Sarah (Yvonne Strahovski) vs Andi (Missy Peregrym) smackdown. Sarah is damn close to perfect, but Andi has blossomed this year. Still a bit quirky-cute, but somewhere beyond it, too.

I was just thinking the other day Reaper must be gone for good. Glad it’s back. It’s no Chuck though.

Interesting point: If Chuck hadn’t been screwing around with the chip, MI6 guy’s meeting with his contact never would have gone south, and he wouldn’t have ended up being captured and tortured. This is the first time that Chuck’s incompetence has had real, serious consequences. Neat!

Ah, but if the “real” spies hadn’t doubted Chuck, he could have read the whole chip without the need to put themselves in danger.

Except that by activating the chip, it activated the homeing beacon - which would have led Fulcrum directly to Chuck (as it did after the capture anyway), and possibly the batcave as well.

But if they had helped Chuck instead of dismissing him, they might have let him know it was likely to have a homing beacon.