Chuck (10/13) "Chuck vs the Breakup"

Captain Awesome was all sorts of awesome this episode, as was Anna. Poor Chuck, however, still can’t catch a break. Damn that Bryce Larkin!

I like the cameo by Michael Strahan. Nice bonus but damn the Giants needed him on the field tonight more than “Chuck” needed him.

Nice little “Hobbit” shout out but technically a little off.

Hobbit shout out? I must have missed that.

He called the enemy agent an evil ugly elf or something, and then when she caught him badmouthing her, he tried claiming it was a compliment because he’d had a lifelong crush on elves since reading The Hobbit as a middle-schooler.

Not a bad episode. I’m not sure how Bryce Larkin was able to get an updated Intersect to Chuck given that I’m pretty sure they’re keeping a better eye on it now, but at least it addresses the fact that as more time passed, Chuck’s internal database would get out of date.

I also really liked the dress. :slight_smile:

For me it wasn’t as much the dress as the way Sarah fit into it. In fact, I think it was a rather ugly dress, but I’m not sure because I wasn’t paying much attention to it.

Casey was looking at Anna with something more than a recruiter’s eye.

I don’t think it is what you are thinking though. He gets the same look for his car or a good powerful weapon. Casey is pretty much the same character Adam Baldwin usually plays. There is a lot of overlap with Jayne from Firefly.

I kinda liked the ending. Both of them looking sad, then bracing themselves, putting on their “happy faces” and going inside to pretend everything’s perfect.

Yup, this was a tough show to watch for a sap like me.

And what was his bunk full of? WEAPONS! The boy is just a bit confused.

Absolutely. Sarah really loves Chuck.

And as much as I love the show, they need to resolve the issue of love 'tween Sarah and Chuck stat. It’s getting frustrating. Let’s get them in bed already and deal with what happens after the sexual tension is broken.

Strahovski/Walker isn’t really *that *beautiful. But she’s *hot *in ways I can’t begin to explain. I mean, she’s tall, blonde, limber, well proportioned, but not really a playmate type. And she’s smart, articulate, fun, but not the geeky girl in the library. Maybe it’s the combination of those two sides that makes her insanely do-able while at the same time being the perfect GF… i.e. she’ll fuck like a porn star but can easily watch Empire Strikes Back and enjoy the movie. Maybe she’s the geek fantasy come true.

When Chuck flashed on the Fulcrum agent’s voice, did anyone else see a photo of Casey mixed in with all of the images? If that’s the case, what’s up with that?

…and damn that Bryce Larken!

Okay - let’s be fair. Anyone who is foolish enough to look at anything Bryce Larkin wants them to see deserves whatever he gets. “Hey, look, shades that Larkin insists that I wear! And they cover my entire field of vision! Neat!”

He flashed on a bunch of agents. Later they mentioned the microchip had the identities of many of the agents and both Bryce and Sarah were also on it. No indication that Casey is bad, just that he was one of many agents whose information was on the chip.

He didn’t have the chip in his head yet. He was still intersect 1.0. They are implying something about Casey. Did Casey kill or wound the woman?

Looked like a shoulder wound to me.

I don’t see a connection. When Chuck flashed on the female agent’s voice, all he saw was a dead body - maybe a woman.

Later he flashed on the chip/keychain and that’s when he flashed the images of Sarah, Casey, and a few other NSA/CIA agents.

Captain Awsome = awsome!

I was really expecting Casey to beat the crap out of the whole sporting goods store guys.

Anna? Martial arts master? I was hoping they weren’t going to do that. Oh, well. I don’t mind too much.

Damn you Bryce Larkin! Although, he did say he’s been looking out for Chuck the whole time, so hopefully the Intersect update really is for Chuck’s own good in some way.

I loved this episode.

“I have a possibility for a field agent.” And then Chuck’s exasperated “Noooo.”

Also, for some inexplicable reason I liked the throwaway line by the microchip guy: “I’ve been living in Lamborghini! You have no idea how little legroom there is!”

Anyone notice Captain Awsome’s scrubs had a little gold seam on the back of the collar? Cute.


If only there were a little bit less of it…