Reminder: Chuck 2 Hour Season Premiere Tonight

We’ll get two episodes at 9/8c.


Episode Synopsis: Season 3 opens with Chuck possessing new Intersect abilities. He trains to be an ace spy—but he flunks spy school and his relationship with Sarah shatters. Later, Chuck takes on a mission when Sarah’s gal pal and her fiancé (Vinnie Jones) arrive, with Chuck also trying to repair his relationship troubles with Sarah. Meanwhile, a fib puts Morgan in a corner

Outside of Lost, I’d say this the show I’m most excited to see the return.

I just came to start this thread. Beaten again!

Morgan is still around? I thought he was off playing Edgar on Heroes.

Can’t wait!

What’s up with the commercials?

Those are gonna be really lame.

The Big Lebowski reference completely made up for it though.

Pretty good use of Wilson Phillips, that’s all I can say…

Emmett getting it was a surprise.

That was a surprise! Still loved the premiere, though! I love this show and this season looks like it’s going to be a whole lotta fun!!

Thanks for starting this. I’m on a business trip and haven’t had a chance to see this yet. Thoughts on the episode after I watch it when I get home later this week.

Don’t forget that regular Chuck is tomorrow (Monday) night at 8 pm.

I’ve only watched the first hour so far, and I’d say it was merely okay, but seriously lacking its usual charm. Chuck scrunching his face up every time he’s trying to flash looks even stupider than Hiro’s constipation face when he’s trying to teleport. I’m not going to judge too much based on the first ep back after vacation though. Hopefully they’ll get their usual pace back.

Thanks for the reminder! I can’t wait.
I guess I read this too late. Doh!

Not sure if we’re doing open spoilers, so just to be safe, did anyone on the show figure out that

He could only flash when Sarah was in danger. (I’m wondering if it’s her specifically or just that he needs to have an emotional involvement in the situation for the flash to occur, so that if Awesome or Morgan were threatened, he’s be able to perform.)

And I thought that they needed to cut the budget to ensure the show’s renewal. But I see that almost the entire cast returned. (And I assume that the budget was the reason for the Honda commercials featuring three cast members.)

Not exactly true. He flashed when he was training with Casey and what you speculated was not happening at the time. Essentially, I think it’s something more personal:Chuck only flashes when he’s happy, content, or at peace of mind. He didn’t flash in the early training sessions when he was under stress or had his confidence undermined. Similary, he was only able to navigate the laser array after Sarah agreed they would talk, putting his mind more at ease. With the zip line and the assassin, I think it was less that Sarah was just in danger but that he knew that he was the only one that could save her. At those times, the Intersect kicks in, though there were other times they were in trouble that it didn’t, so her being in jeopardy clearly isn’t enough. Just my $0.02.

More or less, He has to quit trying to use it, and just use it.

I had never seen the show before, but was intrigued by the promos, so watched it. Can’t say I cared for it much.

[spoiler]I was aggravated by the disconnect between their agreeing to run off together and Chuck being without her in couch potato mode. It made sense when they finally showed his changing his mind, but why’d they have to wait till the first hour was almost over to reveal that?

I lose patience with overdone ineptness, and this qualified.

At the club, Chuck sees the laser spot on Sarah’s partner and does his thing. When questioned, he says someone was trying to kill her. Kill HER? The laser was on the GUY at least 90% of the time. Then we find that most of the people there were agents, and we’re expected to believe that NONE of them saw the laser? Give me a break.
There was just too much stupid for me to enjoy it. I didn’t watch the second hour.[/spoiler]

Forgot one gripe. :smiley:

Protect the world from Chuck? Where’s that come from? I’m having trouble seeing how he poses a danger to the world.

Haven’t seen the new ep yet - but for those who’re complaining about stupidity in the show:

Well, yes. It’s a cartoon. A very well-acted, well-written, funny as heck live-action cartoon. The world of Chuck bears no resemblance at all to the real world, people in the Chuckiverse don’t act like real people, and so on. But the things they do do are very funny, so it all works out in the end.

The way the Intersect works is that he’s got all of the US Intelligence data in his head… he just can’t reliably access it. And the new version of the Intersect, version 2.0, also gives him skills in addition to that data.

He’s theoretically the most well-informed, and capable, person on the planet. If he were to go rogue with full access to the Intersect data, I don’t think it would be exaggerating things to say that he could take down the country.

The government can’t kill him, because he’s the only place where a lot of that info is available. But yeah, he’s got the potential be insanely dangerous.

Remember he was also flashing when Emmet was being a dick to him and could have easily seriously hurt Emmet. He’s not just a danger if he goes rogue. He’s a danger if he doesn’t get total control over the Intersect.

So does multiple flashes on the same thing make that particular flash easier?