Chuck (1/31/2001): "Chuck vs the Push Mix"

Another new episode of Chuck tonight. Previews indicate that this might be the end of the Volkoff story arc. I’ll be quite sad to bid goodbye to Timothy Dalton.

While Sarah tries to free Chuck’s mother, Morgan and Chuck go after Volkoff.

Awesome episode! The last 20 minutes especially! Very predictable, but executed really well.

The intercutting of Charles revealing his plan to Volkoff, with Casey faking out the henchman and Sarah rescuing Momma Bartowski was exciting.

Devon and Ellie and the baby - not overly melodramatic or too saccharine. Loved Casey’s encouragement of Awesome in the corridor. Jeffster singing Push It was great, and ended perfectly with them getting hauled away by the police. Momma B going into the delivery room… “You came!” Devon holding his newborn daughter: “Awesome”

Casey and Alex and Morgan walking/rolling down the hall together felt really right. “I’m not going anywhere.” “Neither am I.” “Good luck getting rid of me.”

Then Chuck opening the ring box and dropping to one knee in a long camera shot down the hallway, the only audio being the floor cleaner in the foreground. We already heard him start into his proposal speech a couple of episodes ago, no need for him to rehash the whole thing here. Sarah leaning out to throw her arms around him and kiss him. Perfect.

That would have been a great note to end the series on. However, I’m still glad we’ve got at least 11 more episodes to go, and hopefully a season 5.

Next week’s episode looks great, too, from the previews:

John Larroquette is back! He was great as the veteran spy back in season 2 (I think?). Also, Sarah in a bellydancing outfit! :eek:

:eek: is right! I don’t normally go for skinny blondes, but I’ll be damned if Yvonne Strahovski isn’t at least eight different kinds of hot.

Call me a wuss, call me a girly-man, but I swear that I got just a touch misty-eyed when Mama Bartowski walked into Ellie’s room. I think it was something about the expression on Ellie’s face. I don’t know that Sarah Lancaster’s ever been the greatest thespian in the cast, but she nailed that look of surprise, relief, and just love.

And, yeah, “Awesome,” with that little hitch in his voice? That was awesome.

I should have known better, but for a moment there, I thought Orion really was coming back. I guess we’ll never see both Bartowski parents together. Volkoff, however, was simply arrested and not killed, so there’s a a chance we’ll see him again.

Awesome was pretty awesome even when freaking out. You know you’ve hit bottom when you get parenting advice from Casey.

Push it! Push it real good!

I loved Orion/Steven Bartowski. I really wish he hadn’t been killed off. I guess the fact they feinted at it in this ep, they won’t revisit and reveal he had never died at all. Presumably they witnessed his funeral and it’s final.

It really felt like a great end to a series (as they had potentially anticipated), so it’s almost a shame it’s only a halfway point, even though I want Chuck to go on for at least a season 5 and maybe end there. Chances of that happening now look reasonable.

Excellent episode! I had already guessed what was up with the messages from “Orion”, but I loved watching it unfold. It was the perfect way to freak Volkoff out and get him off-guard, and it was great to see one of Chuck’s plans work out so well.

Possibly the best quote: “Mr. Bartowski. You have just brought down Alexei Volkoff and the criminal organization we’ve been after for twenty years. Lieutenant, get this man a chopper!” :smiley:

I have to say, I’m pretty tired of Jeffster or whatever they are called, but otherwise I loved the episode.

Casey is still the ultimate badass.

“You’ll need an army to get out of here!”

Chuck calmly opens the door, revealing a general on the porch, army behind her.

I think the baby’s full name should be Clara Awesome Woodcomb.

Yeah, that was awesome. Nice to see the general being, well, nice for once. She’s usually such a hard-ass, though I guess that’s a good thing for a general to be.

Cover song by cover song, we’re misshaping the youth of America!

I kept expecting the guy with the floor polisher to pull out a gun and try to kill Chuck and Sarah.

I liked the episode too, but I think it’s ridiculous that Chuck is involving Morgan in the missions now. Chuck is also a little far-fetched as a spy/action man, but in his case at least there’s the Intersect to give him abilities beyond what you’d expect from someone with so little training. Plus Chuck is actually a relatively bright guy even without the Intersect. But Morgan is not.

I think Morgan smarter than he seems. I know a few people who act that way and let people think they’re dumb.

General Beckman put Morgan in charge of the Buy More. The General wouldn’t leave the CIA’s ultra-secret base in charge of an utter incompetent, so Morgan must have something going for him.

Which reminds me, we haven’t seen a new Greta since the show’s return from hiatus. I want a new Greta!

Morgan’s problem is that he sometimes thinks he’s a bit smarter than he is. But his strength is in his commitment to the mission and his team.

When he and Casey had to deal with bad guys at the apartment, and there was a tiger, Morgan didn’t hesitate to take on the tiger because someone had to, and Casey was better able to deal with everything else.

When the team was captured in a cave with water on the floor, and Morgan was the only one free, he put a live wire into the water knowing it would, at the least, knock him out, because he knew it would also knock out the bad guys.

When the chips are down, you can count on Morgan to do what needs done (as long as that doesn’t involve planning a careful strategy).

Or being around old computers. :slight_smile:

Don’t forget, Morgan broke his own thumbs to get out of a pair of handcuffs. That’s a real bad-ass.