Chuck (2/28/2011): "Chuck vs the First Bank of Evil"

Another uninspired episode, I think. Too many unrelated plot threads, what with the wedding planning, Morgan looking for an apartment, and Casey building a secret base in the CIA’s secret base. The only inspired segment was the bank robbery. Anything to see Sarah in a catsuit.

No Chuck next week, as The Event returns. Was this episode supposed to be the season finale? I’d hate for Chuck to go out on this note.

The original season finale was a few weeks ago, the conclusion of the original Volkoff/Mary Bartowski plot. Since then they’ve been filler episodes that have a much weaker arc.

I agree with you, this was a very poor episode, and the only part I liked was Sarah in a catsuit. The whole bank robbery scene was good, as the actors seemed to be having a lot of fun.

Chuck has always had a somewaht unreal, fantasy feel to it; still this episode seemed even cartoonier than most. The magic closet, the 3D fashion makeover projections, the parade of Rennaisance Faire characters, and yes, the bank robbery* that should have gotten Chuck and Sarah both shot dead in about 3 seconds… Even for a show in which I willingly buy into a lot of ridiculousness every week, this was just too much to swallow for me.

I did seem as if this episode was mostly exposition anyway, so hopefully they’ll be quickly on their way to some better plots with higher stakes.

*However, I do heartily endorse any excuse to present Sarah in a catsuit.

I’m interested in knowing how Chuck and Sarah manage to make trips from California to Macao and back all in one day.

I have a massive crush on Vivian Volkoff (Lauren Cohan).

hummina hummina hummina

How can Morgan think it’s a good idea to move in with his girlfriend’s dad?

So do I. She’s gorgeous!

I saw her first!

While I gladly suspend disbelief as much as possible for most of the series, Chuck’s magic dart guns always snap me out of my suspense.

The “good” guys lie and mislead, and the “bad” guys tell the truth without really twisting anything. Which side am I supposed to root for, again?

Seriously, grow a spine and use a real gun.

I quite enjoyed this episode. Vivian’s insistence that the lawyer knock off the accent – and his response that he had worked really hard at it – was a particularly amusing way to kick things off. I also liked how the lawyer’s revelation that Chuck had put Viv’s father in the pokey turned out to be a non-starter; the more obvious, and less interesting, way to go would have been to have Viv flip out right there. The base’s strange storehouse of clothing was a little silly, but at least they had a little fun with the, uh, slightly damaged wedding dress.

Two hours of the Event? Bah, show barely deserves one hour, let alone two.

Got that right. I’d completely forgotten about the show, and I expect half its meagre audience will have too, so it will be cancelled quick-smart.