Chuck (2/8): "Chuck vs the Mask"

Last week, we got to see Casey geek out at (where else?) a weapons convention. There was also some outstanding fanservice involving Lana, er, Hannah and Sarah. The only thing better would have been if it had shown both of them together. Maybe we’ll see that this week; I don’t think the two women have actually met each other, yet. Maybe we’ll also see the much-anticipated meeting of Hannah and Agent Shaw.

Chuck and Hannah unexpectedly become part of agent Shaw’s latest mission; Morgan and Ellie continue their mission to get to the bottom of Chuck’s strange behavior.

And we get our Superman mention.

Damn over-air digital TV. I have no idea what was going on thanks to crazy amounts of glitchiness.

Poor Morgan.

I love how comically evil the Ring scene at the end was.

… poor Morgan.

This was a great, tightly-written episode. Superman wasn’t just a passing reference, but the core of the first half of the plot: Chuck has to abandon Hannah to assume his secret identity and save the day. Great job on the second half, too, where both Hannah and Sarah are in peril, and Chuck has to save them both. They even wrapped up Ellie and Morgan’s suspicions by tying it into the Chuck/Hannah storyline.

I’m conflicted about the latter development, though. Hannah’s seems great for Chuck and they’ve got great chemistry together. But we all know that Sarah is the one for Chuck. They seem entirely too comfortable going their separate ways. (And what’s the deal with Agent Shaw?)

Its nice to know the former Command Center for the Power Rangers is now a museum.

Good, fun episode. But am I the only one who was slightly disappointed that Ellie and Morgan’s suspicions seem to have been satisfied simply by seeing Chuck with Hannah?

It was like: “Oooh, Chuck’s got a new girlfriend; that explains everything!” When, really, no. It doesn’t even begin to explain everything. I hope they don’t just abadon this storyline now, but I suspect they will.

My favourite part, and it’s just a small thing, is how excited Sarah initially was to get away from Shaw and get into the thick of the mission with Chuck.

And then they bickered like a married couple.

I can see why Chuck, who is constantly getting mixed messages from Sarah, would want something more stable in a relationship. But I don’t like Sarah with Shaw. I just don’t trust him.

This is just a guess, but I’ll spoiler-box it anyhow.

It’s prompted by the name Shaw and that the end of last night’s episode reminded me of The Manchurian Candidate somehow. I think he’s been brainwashed by the Ring to Do Evil. So he’s fundamentally a good guy, but is going to do something bad. And someone else suggested that Hannah was not to be trusted and I agree with that. There’s something fundamentally wrong with the idea that someone so attractive and skilled works at the equivalent of the Best Buy’s Geek Squad.

Hannah was so far out of Morgan’s league. Maybe nailing Anna made him thing he actually has some mojo?

I would think that she’s somehow got some sort of secret, but when she was trapped, so seemed to panic, not act like a spy.

She seems nice and awesome for Chuck. Still, do not like them together. And most definitely do not like Sarah and Shaw.

Funny, I like both of the new couples together. I think Shaw and Hannah are both double agents of some kind, “Chuck” being the show that it is, but in the meantime, lots of hot people rubbing each other - fine by me! Hee - they really missed a step last night - we should have had the shots of Chuck and Hannah making out, then Sarah and Shaw, then Casey oiling up some big gun. :smiley:

Anna and Sarah’s super-hot spy friend…yowza.

I can’t believe I forgot about the second one. Someone needs to bring Morgan back down to Earth.

I wonder if the intersect has any techniques taught by Roan Montgomery?

If you missed any of tonight’s episode, you can watch it at the NBC website:

[Incidentally, you can buy Sarah’s “Frak Off” shirt there, too.]

Actually, I’m just about done watching it on Hulu. :smiley:
Yay for online re-runs!