Chuck (3/1/10): "Chuck vs the Fake Name"

The Olympics were fun, especially the Norwegian Curling Team’s pants, but it’s time for our favorite geek to return.

According to the episode synopsis:

Chuck must assume the identity ofa dangerous assassin; Sarah tries to maintain a strictly professional relationship with Shaw.

Fanservice for the ladies this week, as they contrived to have both Shaw and Captain Awesome go bare chested. This was a rather different, more introspective episode. I don’t much like Chuck dumping Hannah like that, even though it was probably the right thing to do. I really don’t like Sarah and Shaw’s relationship going any further. Chuck gets more competent, granted via the Intersect, while Sarah (Sam???) is plagued by self-doubt. Where are they going with this?

Is that all we are going to see of Hannah? Or will she end up in some other plot to get at the intersect? We got a small reveal on Casey this week. Loved the whole tooth bit, and the wise guys had me laughing, especially when confronting Chuck at BuyMore. The Ring will get to Shaw before the end of the season, which will both build and wedge the Chuck/Sarah relationship for the following season, if we get one (supposition, not spoiler).

There was a lot to like in this episode, loved the title with all the fake names - Sarah/Sam, Alex Coburn, Rafe. I also liked the way supporting characters spoke on the audience’s behalf about Chuck and Sarah.

Sarah doesn’t seem like a Sam.

Loved Big Mike, Lester and Jeff’s commentary on Chuck’s love life.

Hannah still works at the Buy More, so maybe Morgan has a shot. On the other hand, I don’t see her working there for very long. Speaking of Morgan, is this the first episode where he didn’t appear?

Chuck may have done the “right thing”, but I’m going to miss Hannah, who probably won’t be at the BuyMore long now.

Maybe she’ll get embroiled in a spy plot and Chuck saves her, demonstrating why he truly couldn’t be with her, all before she gets spirited away to witness protection…

i think they broke it off too fast. they couldve easily milked hannah for 1-2 more episodes

She’s really easy on the eyes. :slight_smile:
Maybe she’ll get together with Morgan.

The breakup was a bit sudden though.

I’m still calling Hannah as a spy who’s out to infiltrate the CIA or whoever Chuck is working for. She’s as much a player as Sarah and Casey.

I absolutely loved the John Casey scenes in this episode - his respect for Chuck for being a total bad-ass (against him, even), and “I guess I’m one of them.” So cool! More Adam Baldwin please!

And never mind the bare-chests (although Brandon Routh does indeed have a distracting one) - Zach Levi with his hair not looking completely stupid was pretty hot, too.

I’ve always thought Zach Levi was pretty good-looking, and only the bad hairstyle was holding him back.

The look on Casey’s face when he told Chuck “I’m proud of you” was priceless. It was like it caused him physical pain to say it out loud, but he couldn’t help himself.

Didn’t Sara go to her high school reunion where she was known as Jenny? Didn’t her father call her Jenny? Or was Jenny just another alias and her father just called her that too?

Was this explained last night and I missed it?

IIRC, it was addressed at the end of one of those episodes where she was recruited to the CIA. Jenny was just the last name she went by before her dad was locked up. They had lots of scams going.