Chuck (3/15/2010): "Chuck vs the Tic Tac"

I’m a little late getting this thread started, so I’ll dispense with the preview-synopsis.

We hadn’t seen Sarah kick butt in a while, and this episode was a great return to form. Shaw has been a hindrance to the Chuck-Sarah relationship; with him absent we see a glimmer of that old spark.

So we learn that not even Casey is who he says he is - an old girlfriend and a daughter to boot. The NSA really needs to do better background checks on its employees.

I thought for sure that Awesome and Ellie were going to join Médecins Sans Frontières, but fortunately Awesome came to his senses. He really does live up to his nickname.

Smells like the final season. Yeah?

I thought for sure that Casey had swapped a placebo into Chuck’s pocket for him to swallow.

Was Shaw’s absence explained in the episode? And what are they setting up? Casey as a civilian, working at the BuyMore, and Sarah in Washington? They’re breaking up the team.

Hasn’t been renewed yet, so who knows? Still has a lot more episodes this season, though, so the team will regroup somehow.

I really enjoyed the episode, but wasn’t that girl much, much too young to be Casey’s daughter?

“Honduras 1989” so she would be 20. The actress playing her looks at least 20.

Ratings are OK & NBC has lots of time to fill after the Leno fiasco. So I wouldn’t be surprised if Chuck got another season.

I’m quite sure the team will get back together. After the episode that closed with Chuck kissing Hannah & Shaw getting close to Sarah, some of the flakier fans erupted in protest. How could their OTP not be together now & forever? Zachery Levi’s Tweet in response: “Question: did anyone think that Han would be stuck in carbonite forever at the end of Empire?”

Really enjoyed this episode. This season, budget cuts have prevented all the cast from being in every show. But it was good to see my OT3 kick ass!

The per episode budget versus the ratings + potential additional revenue streams will decide the fate. I’m sure none of the regulars (Jeffster, Big Mike, my forever lost Anna Wu) like their own decreased salaries, but I guess it is better than no salary.

There were some really neat moments in this episode - the theme of this season has been “Chuck is changing”, and the show made a point of showing us that, instead of just telling us. The beat with Chuck helping Sarah load up to go after Casey, for example - we see him handling the gear automatically, without even thinking about it. And for perhaps the first time in the show, when he starts talking about his feelings, and Sarah replies that they need to focus on the mission, Chuck shuts up.

I can’t imagine where the writers are taking it from here, but I thought that at the end of the last season and have been pleasantly surprised. I like the humanizing of Casey. I wonder if we’ll see Kathleen or his daughter again.

Is it just me or does Zachary Levi actually look like a different person when he puts on his spy face instead of his Chuck face?

Shaw was “on assignment” or somesuch in Washington, very conveniently to where Sarah was sent at the end of the episode.

Well they also mentioned she was planning to fly out to DC for personal reasons at the beginning of the episode.

Yeah, I went back and watched that scene again. What threw me off is that Hollywood has this really stupid trope that children, regardless of their age, shall forever be shorter than their parents. The girl doesn’t even come up to Chuck’s shoulder. My own daughter is 14 and towers over her mother, and most girls her age are as tall as or taller than their mothers (with exceptions, of course).

maybe production cost cutting?

Well, to be fair, Chuck is like 9 feet tall. He actually is taller than Adam Baldwin, who is pretty tall. Hannah barely came up to his nipples, if that.