Chuck (3/22/2010): "Chuck vs the Final Exam"

Last week on Chuck, Casey was booted back to civilian life and Sarah was sent to Washington to join Shaw. Are they breaking up the team? Will Chuck go solo?

From the preview guide:

Sarah and Shaw observe Chuck’s every move as he takes a final test to see if he is ready to be a spy.

Right out of the Three’s Company Guide for Scripting. How will they bring the team back together? Nice to see Casey looking out for our hero. Now, how will Casey get back at Jeffster?

i don’t mind it when chuck throws things into disarray because i’m confident they’ll be able to put it back together again without gumming up the works entirely like some other shows (heroes?). the endgame for this season, though, is fairly obvious imo.

i’ll spoilerbox my thoughts:

chuck is kidnapped by the ring. casey is recruited by the ring (but not really). shaw and sarah go save chuck only to be captured themselves. chuck flashes and saves sarah but shaw is done-zo and everything is intact for next season when it is apparent that chuck needs sarah to flash. the cliffhanger is if casey is actually a turncoat or not. it would make sense since he still wants to be in the spygame and the good guys don’t “want” him.

Your scenario sounds pretty plausible!

I am really loving this season of Chuck!

It was certainly nice to see Chuck and Sarah working together in the field; just like old times, as Chuck pointed out. It was also great to see the return of Subway - the greatest product placement idea, ever.

There were a couple of amusing references. First, the Mission Impossible-style self destructing mission instructions. Also, one of the bodyguards was named Ivan Drago, who was the Russian boxer in Rocky II. (And was the fight in the steam room a reference to Eastern Promises?)

That would only have been if Chuck had gone full frontal. I did like Chuck’s quick thinking in the hotel room. Not bad for a nerd.

rocky IV.

The self-destruct must have been scripted and shot months before Peter Graves’s death, but it was still a nice tip of the hat.

A couple more Casey references:
“I made my bunk and now I’ve gotta lie in it”
And the whole “Man Who shot Liberty Valance” thing at the endgame. Casey really should’ve told Chuck to “print the legend” or some such.

Casey is so bad ass.

Is it me or did everyone look a little different today? Chuck looked younger, Casey’s hair looked like it was a slightly different color and Sarah had something different about her too, although I can’t really figure out what was different about her.

She still looked great though!

Her facial make up was off in some of the shots and made her face look almost geisha pale. Casey’s toupee seemed askew at times.

Casey wears a toupee?

Christ, man, don’t say that. He’ll hear you.

Casey: according to the US goverment what i just did is technically murder
Chuck: but it was a thoughtful murder…

How could they miss such a perfectly set up line!