Chuck E Cheese and violence. Armed security force.

Here’s the article on the problems of adult violence at Chuck E Cheese.

One of the many incidents:

I hate the places and they drive me nuts. Apparently it does push a lot of people over the edge, when they actually go there for a party. The fact that they had armed security apparently didn’t stop parents from going there. I sure wouldn’t take kids to a restaurant that needed security to carry guns.

Having been an armed guard, I bet that guy was fired. He should count himself lucky he wasn’t arrested for brandishing a firearm.

You never draw your weapon unless you are planning to shoot someone, and you’d better damn well never shoot anyone unless you’ve already been shot! You most certainly DO NOT point it at unarmed children!

Armed Security Officers are NOT Police. They/We cannot act as police and are most certainly not protected by the laws that allow police officers to act as they do.

Fucking Idiot.

Looks like “Chuck” should’ve hired some “Mall Ninjas” for security purposes…

I don’t blame the guy one bit. Have you ever been to a Chuck E. Cheese? What seems like thousands of swarming, pizza grease coated children, all of them coming down with runny noses and missing at least one shoe streaking about while they giggle and scamper around in tubes like soda fueled mice while you’re surrounded by steampunk animatronic animals shreiking bizarre music at you while lights flash everywhere. It’s like a suburban version of Fear and Lothing in Las Vegas in there.

I wonder if all this violence is associated with the phenomenon of “Helicopter Parenting” that I’ve heard bandied about.

Do helicopter parents go to Chuck E. Cheese? I mean, I don’t go there, and I’m not that picky.

Yeah, but…a pistol? For that kind of mob you need a riot gun at least. Something with some stopping power, because those little monsters charge when they’re wounded.

Tellya what, two 18-month-olds had me cornered this morning at our playdate. It was like hyenas on a hunt, they were AFTER our television. Help! It’s HD! Save the TV!

The new hip-hop phrase: Best get outa my face or I’m goin’ all Chuck E. Cheese on yo’ ass.

I will Chuck you UP!

The one they mention in the article on the south side I used to work next to. EVERY night the police were called for one massive fight or another, until they stopped serving beer. I hear that now it’s only once every weekend night that the police show up.

Maybe they need to change their motto.

Current: “Where a kid can be a kid”

New: “Where a kid can be charged as a juvenile offender”

Really really sad that you need ARMED security at a freaking kids pizza place. They shoulda just started putting roofies in the beer.

Ski-ball is the thread of sanity that holds those places into erupting into unprecedented chaos.

Being a security guard at Chucky Cheese is one of the closest things to hell I can imagine.

Why would they ever sell beer at Chucky Cheese?

Actually, now that I think about it, I can understand why.

You win the thread.

…where a kid can be arraigned?

Yes, that flows much better and fits the tune. :wink:


Why would they stop?

You tell me. I’ve only gone in once, when I was waiting for Staples to do something. I thought it was a kids’ place.