Chuck Marathon on Syfy NOW

Hello, Chuck fans. Syfy is holding a Chuck marathon right now. Looks like they’re going through all the episodes in order. They’re in the back half of the second season now.

And don’t forget the premiere episode of the third season is on Sunday 9-11 pm and there’s another episode on its regular time on Monday at 8 pm. It’s been far too long since we last saw our favorite secret not-agent.

The impending death of Leno’s show augers well for us. NBC is left holding a bag of five hours of prime time. They could try plugging the holes with tons of “Dateline.” Or with marathons of “Deal or No Deal.” But they have in “Chuck” a ratings star, if not a superstar.

Nah, they’ll make it “The Biggest Loser” five nights a week. :frowning:

Marathon’s over. It seems they only included key episodes from last season, so they didn’t show, for example, Captain Awesome’s bachelor party. I had forgotten just how much fun the show is.

NBC already ordered more episodes for the third season, even before the season premiered. I think they’d be fools to drop the show now, especially if Leno tanks.