Chuck, 9/29 (Or, Now at Hulu)

This is an episode discussion thread, but it’s also a PSA to any impatient souls out there like me: the first episode of Chuck, Season 2 is now available in its entirety on Hulu.

It’s not going to make you a fan if you didn’t like season one, I don’t think, but if you did, it’s a really good episode IMO. A couple of really funny moments, some action, and the lovely Ms. Strahovski. Go and enjoy.


I love Chuck!

I’ll have to think about whether I want to watch it online or wait, though.

I love that this show is back. I watched it the other day on I like this pre-season premiere thing that they have going on. Its a good way to get people into the new seasons.

Since open spoilers has not been specified…

[spoiler]I noticed Robert Duncan McNeill (Tom Paris from Voyager) got a producer credit. Tony Todd might be gone. Nice cameo by Michael Clarke Duncan (Another 3-word names with Duncan?)

Like Chuck, I also tire of the Buy More. Nice change of scenery for Sarah from Weinerlicious to the Yogurt Shoppe, but I also miss her Bavarian outfit.

Am I imagining things, or did they not resolve last season’s semi-cliffhanger with Bryce Larkin?

And it stretches incredulity that Fulcrum someone managed to make the new Intersect CPU display a silly message then blow up the room. How did it teleport a bunch of explosives into the walls?