Chuck is back - w00t!

The show that looked so silly before it started but gathered more and more fans (at least here at SDMB) is back. I’ve actually seen the episode, it was probably leaked on purpose or something, and it’s a great opener.
I’m itching to talk about it, but let’s just say that it’s amazing how much they’ve managed to put into 42 minutes. And yet, it didn’t feel forced.

Are you talking about Pushing Daisies? When will it be available to the rest of us mortals?

I assumed he was talking about the spy spoof “Chuck”?

Chuck this week, Pushing Daisies next week, both are cool geek favourites, and both star a character named Chuck.

I am rewatching the entire first series of both on DVD to reacquaint myself. There aren’t many shows where I would do that.

Chuck E’s in love?

They had the first episode up on Hulu last week as a preview. Great start to the season.

You can download it via Amazon to your Tivo too.

We started talking about this last week and I am glad to see that Chuck is getting some love.

Pushing Daisies “Chuck” is also one of my favorites.

I love the little Back to the Future homage with Huey Lewis and waking up.
Nice guest appearance by Michael Clarke Duncan. “I’m going for imposing.”
OK, a cage match in the Buy More. That blew my mine.

BTW: I am really waiting for Pushing Daisies and the lovely Chuck as opposed to the Geeky Chuck.

I really liked this episode and it was a good re-introduction to the series after I sort of forgot about it after only a few episodes last season. My only qualm with it was the fight scene at the end between Duncan Clark and Strahovski which was embarassing to watch. They really need better fight coordinators.

I know Michael Clarke Duncan was made to appear taller in The Green Mile but he was still a tall guy so I was surprised when Chuck was about the same height so I looked them up on IMDB and MCD is 6’5" and Zachary Levi (Chuck) is 6’4". He seems so gawky I never notice he’s so tall.

By the way, I had a an aww moment when Casey caught Chuck when he fell.

Not a cage match! THUNDERDOME!

Silly, romantic and action, all in one show.

The writers are probably a little sick of Buy More too. All the silliness last season pales with what they put in one single show. They now officially don’t care to make it resemble a real workplace.

And to keep the show going, Chuck has to be the Intersect, of course. Casey will never actually have to decide if he’s to shoot or not. There won’t be any romantic tension if Sarah and Chuck actually start dating, nothing to keep secret and no *angst *for Chuck.

I’m glad to see that all regulars now get credits in the main title. It’s also a sign that the showrunners acknowledge that this is an ensemble show, character and not plot driven.
For all my love, if it gets renewed a third season, they need to get out of the Buy More. However, Strahovski needs to get back into the wienerlicious (sp?) outfit.

How about Jeff’s resume? He knows where all the bodies are buried and has a foot fetish. Certainly Assistant Manager qualifications if you ask me.

I love this show. That is all. :cool:

I wish they’d ditch all talk about making a new Intersect.

Actually, now that I say that, I can’t remember what the Intersect was supposed to be in the first place.

Great show although I wonder about the destruction of the Intersec. For that to have been the plan, the bad guys would have had to know that they’d be stopped and the cipher retrieved. Based on how the episode went down, that wasn’t a sure thing as the bad guys seemed to be a step ahead most of the time. Hopefully this will put the replacement Intersect on hold for a while.

I liked how Chuck was all enthusiastic about getting his life back and going on to do more interesting things. That was well done by the actor and writers. Although he’s smart enough that he should have figured out that they’re not going to just let him walk away with all that stuff in his head.

I figure the cypher was a plant from Fulcrum to begin with - the bad guys that wanted it had nothing to do with Fulcrum - other than possibly being told “important item go get it” - and having bad guys go after it makes it more fun (and real) to the good guys. Fulcrum was probably hoping for the outcome that almost was - Chuck and the New Intersect both gone.

Chuck is too idealistic to think that he was about to be retired - he simply doesn’t think those dark thoughts.

Altho - Charles might.

Something we just noticed - after Chuck walks in on Sister and Cpt. Awsome, at the breakfast table - the cereal they are eating –

Nuts and More

hilarious. Given the context and the quote by Chuck - “congratulations on …all that”

Yup. I mean, it’s fine that Strahovski’s character is a well-trained CIA badass who knows how to fight. It’s fine that she’s tough. But she’s still a not-especially-large woman going up against a very large guy in that scene. If he gets a solid grip on her, the fight is over - and what’s-her-name should know that. She should be running, ducking, throwing things - anything to keep a distance while still doing whatever damage she can. She should not be taking a running leap right at the guy.