Chuck is back - w00t!

Morgan literally turns the stockroom supply cage into Thunderdome, Casey catches 6’4" already-fallen-a-few-stories Chuck without dislocating his shoulder, and you’re worrying about the plausibility of the fight scenes? I love this show, but it’s like a cartoon. It would make a nice double feature with The Venture Bros., come to think of it.

I liked Chuck’s attempt at making the terrorists believe that the building was surrounded. It seemed to represent growth on his part. If I were in his shoes, I would have taken the opportunity to learn some fighting skills from Casey and Sarah. He hasn’t done that, but at least he’s learned something.

Speaking of which, I loved the slightly geekish attention to detail in that Jeff and Lester even had the little bungee harnesses like in the real Thunderdome. That’s the difference between a cage match and Thunderdome that lesser shows would gloss over.

w00t! indeed. The Huey Lewis nods were fun, and the music in general this ep was awesome. The thunderdome was classic! I too noticed the change in the credits. Loved the Ron Reagan bits. And the references to all that God gave mr awesome. Chuck definitely seems to be growing, with his desire to move on and leave BuyMore, and how suave he was on his date, and in handling mr imposing. I thought it was actually more realistic to show her fighting mr imposing and getting crushed than the usual choice of her actually having superior skills that mattered against his size. The little tiny macintosh as the intersect interface was fun.

It’s been too long since I saw last season though. What was the whole Fulcrum business? Were they related to mr imposing? When did the Intersect get trojan horsed? At first I thought it was something Casey was doing. What’s the scoop on that?

I wasn’t referring to the plausibility of the fight scene when I brought it up – I love badass chick fighters and *Buffy *is my most favorite TV show – but the choreography. Strahovski and/or her stunt double were just that bad at pretend fighting that I was taken right out of the scene.

What bothered me most about the fight was the lead-in to it. Sarah shows up on the roof, gun in hand, and tells Mr Imposing to release Chuck. He does so, and starts heading for her. She lets him get close enough to take her gun away from her and throw it away, forcing her to fight him hand-to-hand. Personally, if someone that size is coming towards me, with obvious harmful intent, and I have a gun in my hand I would be emptying the gun into him before he gets close enough to take it away from me.

(Yes, I understand the fight is a “dramatic moment” for the show. Still, I would have preferred a more believable set up for it.)

I really like the show, but two words for Chuck - hair and cut. I can’t stand that ridiculous do he’s got on his head. I guess they have to do his hair like that so he isn’t too good-looking, because Zachary Levi is one hot dude.

Plus, more Adam Baldwin. Much, much more Adam Baldwin. I loved the little throwaway moment at the end of the episode - “Jeff’s going to eat 90 Twinkies!” No particular response from Casey. “He could get hurt!” Casey breaks into a run. :smiley:

Exactly, featherlou, on both points.:smiley: