Chuck (10/06) "Chuck vs The Seduction"

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Damn you, Bryce Larkin!

That is all.

…and I had to open this thread with 7 minutes left in the episode. That’ll learn me.

Sorry, dude. I thought all the West Coasters would have been watching the show when I posted my OP. What were you doing reading the SDMB when you should have been watching Chuck, anyway?

Well, it was a commercial break, so I thought I’d skim Cafe Society and The Game Room for interesting threads, which I am wont to do. Regardless, damn that Bryce Larkin!

I’ll third the damning of Bryce Larkin.

I thought John Larroquette was great in the show. I wouldn’t mind seeing him show up again as an occasional recurring character.

The show was good, but it was too busy. They need to cut back on either the Buy More subplot or the Sister and Captain one. It pulls too much time away from the main plot and characters.

BTW: On the NBC Chuck website, there is a bonus 90 second webshow with Adam Baldwin, find it and watch it. It was great.


It’s a cute show, but between the “unresolved” tension of Chuck stuck at the Buy More for plot purposes - which they flirt with taking a way and then keep him there? There’s an element of Gilligan and his buddies having to stay on the island for just. one. more. ep.

Same with him and the hottie - just how many ways can they juice the PST (Palpable Sexual Tension) and not resolve it - and expect this show to exist beyond that resolution?

I enjoy it for the eye candy (mmm, Ellie) but wish Chuck as a character was a bit more like Adam Brody’s character on The OC - more with the cool pop-culture references and other geeky flair. Call of Duty type stuff with Morgan is a start - but shouldn’t this be more like that geek sitcom where the losers have that hottie neighbor but they spend a lot of time (so I hear - haven’t caught it) referencing geek culture?

Bryce Larkin, why couldn’t you have stayed dead???

You just knew there would be a guy in the background when Chuck arrived.

I like the BuyMore and Sister sub-plots. I hope they don’t lose them, and especially that they don’t lose Anna!

Oh wah!

Bryce Larkin don’t have a chance. Not. A. Chance.

I love this show.

Yeah, I like Anna and how she messes with Morgan now, but I don’t really like the other BuyMore dudes. I’m surprised that I like Captain Awesome as much as I do; if I knew him in real life I’d probably hate him, but he’s fun in the appropriately small doses I get as a viewer.

Why didn’t Morgan just hire some new people?

How can you hate Captain Awesome? That’s like hating a puppy.

Yeah. He’s awesome. You want to hate him, but you can’t. He really is awesome.

I thought it was too painful to watch Chuck trying to seduce that Bulgarian chick, so I ffw’d. Sara is clearly telling Chuck that she really wants to be with him, so I don’t think there’s that much sexual tension anymore. The issue issettled, if not resolved.
However, I want more Big Mike, Anna and Morgan - less Lester and his powertrip. That was done last season with [insert name of dude with cowmboy hat].

Why would Morgan hire new people when he was the first one fired?