Chuck: New show on NBC.

Did anyone else watch the pilot? It was “On Demand” and I caught it last night.

It had a good sense of humor, some silly science and over-the-top characters. I did enjoy it however. I will probably try to catch more of the show and see how it develops. If it can keep up the humor, it might pan out to be a fun show. It looks like the first airing will be Mon. Sept. 24 8:00 PM on NBC.

It looks like Chuck will be a little difficult to believe as a Geek and that his friend Morgan might be over-the-top as a Geek.

Yvonne Strzechowski looks like a typical Hollywood hottie. The scenes of the dance floor fight where funny if again not very believable.

Anyway, the show looks like it could be fun.


If it were on Tuesdays or Wednesdays, I might give it a try. However, it is up against Prison Break and my Mondays are way too full.

It was a definite meh for me. The comedy was fine, but I have a hard time believing there’s going to be any drama, beyond the very, very predictable.

Exactly. I’m interested in NBC’s entire Monday night lineup. If it were on Friday then I’d watch it all.

Saw it, but I suspect they used up every angle already. The gimmick doesn’t seem sustainable.

Took home the free rental of new NBC shows from BlockFuckster this weekend, and watched it. Thought it has potential.

I gave up after the first 15 minutes or so. To paraphrase a review I once read, I didn’t know there was already a formula for the “geek gets download of secrets and becomes secret agent” show, but there is, and this show doesn’t vary from it one iota.

Oh, and he recently graduated from Stanford where he wrote a game on a TRS-80? WTF? He wasn’t even BORN yet when TRS-80s were in vogue. (I mean, they could have been implying that he was into retro-programming, but it more sounded like they just had no idea what they were talking about… and sure, there’s suspension of disbelief, which I’m happy to do for the entire premise in general, but why must totally irrelevant lines like that jump out and whack me in the head and say “WE ARE STUPID”? How could no one involved with the show realize how idiotic that was?)

I was annoyed with some of the blatantly poor computer tech stuff in the script. Just one PC geek to advise the writing staff would have helped immensely. I am guessing that for 90-95% of viewers it just did not matter however.

My parents, my aunts, my niece & my sisters would be clueless to what a TRS-80 was. Most of my friends would know it was a stupid line. There were other examples in the show. My wife knew it was stupid, but did not care and she thought I was silly for worrying about minor plot details like that.

Jim (Well actually she thinks I am silly anyway)

The tech stuff wasn’t believable. The situation wasn’t believable. But I liked it, I’d definitely watch it again. I liked the ending too.

It was cool to see Jayne (Adam Baldwin) from Firefly too, hopefully they’ll make his character better in forthcoming episodes.

I might give Chuck a chance, but I’ll have to tape it–I have class from 6-9 in the evening this year–and it’s up against Heroes and Doctor Who for me…

Sorry for the hijack, but does anyone remember the wikipedia page that lists all the new fall shows?

This should do it for you: 2007–08 United States network television schedule - Wikipedia

Ah, that’s what I was looking for! I’ll bookmark it this time.

Many thanks!

I downloaded the pilot from Amazon Unbox–what the hey, it was free–and found it more entertaining than I expected. I’ll probably give it a whirl.

Now that it’s been broadcast, I’m going to bump this up.

Overall, it was decidedly meh. Some of the writing was fun (referring to his BIL as Captain Awesome, his reaction to defusing the bomb), but mostly it was boring. And I don’t want to be mean, but the lead actor has negative charisma. My husband opined the show would be much more entertaining with the “Hi, I’m a Mac” guy or the lead from Psych - someone who is entertaining and catches your eye.

I will watch one or two more episodes, because often pilots are rough, but I’m not hopeful. It doesn’t help that it has Adam Baldwin, who despite being made of awesome and win, seems to be one of those “angel of death” actors whose shows always get canceled.

I’m with Unauthorized Cinnamon on this one: I’ll be watching it for Adam Baldwin’s acting, and Yvonne’s acting*, and the ridiculous action/comedy portrayal of what the NSA does for a living. The lead actor does less than diddly-squat for me. The guy from NUMB3RS would be a better lead (plus another Joss tie-in) but he’s got a solid gig. Actually… almost anyone would be a better lead: Hurley from LOST, Alan Tudyk from Firefly, Seth Green, Ron Livingston… really anyone at all. This guy’s agent is a ninja.

  • Yes, her acting. Although the fan-service is nice, too.

Oooh, Alan Tudyk would have been awesome! But probably too old, and not a hottie enough.

I liked it. We took a chance and watched it with the toddler in the room, and she thought it was hysterical. I was rather worried with some of the action sequences, but she keep laughing and yelling, “he fell doooooooowwwwnnnnn!” every time someone fell down. The car going down the stairs was the last straw for her - she was overwhelmed with the giggles and started running around in circles singing (to the tune of “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star”), “Car fall down, car fall down, car fall down…” :smiley:

So, yeah, some of my amusement may have come from a source other than the actual television show. But I liked it, and I’ll watch it (without the toddler) until they cancel it, which I suspect will be in about 9 episodes.

If anyone else as Comcast “On Demand”, I noticed last night that there appears to be 6 episodes available of the show under Network TV, NBC pilots or new shows or some title like that. I am in the middle of watching WAR on PBS and Yankee Baseball, so I don’t know when I will get a chance to watch another, but it looks like we have a chance to see more.

Maybe NBC is hoping some word of mouth will get people to watch the show. I don’t know.


It was a big :rolleyes: for me. All the computer/tech screw-ups took me right out of the show. I caught the references to old computers and games, but I’m pushing fifty, this guy on the show was supposed to be, what, about 22. I’ll be giving this one a miss.

No. Neither of the main characters is believable, even with a suspension of disbelief the size of the Golden Gate Bridge. It doesn’t help having those stupid ads all over the internet with him sporting a “I’m-trying-to-look-like-a-confused-geek-but-I-actually-am-an-underwear-model-for-the Sears-catalog” look and her, a supposed NSA agent sporting that SoCal/Long Island Guido Chick hair and cleavage thing.

Wake me up when every single current greenlighter in Hollywood/NY/wherever is gone.