Chuck Norris = Red Pig

I wanted to buy a copy of the Japanese animated film, Porco Rosso. So I went to Amazon and entered “Porco Rosso” in the search under “DVD”. The search yielded no direct hit but gave its best guess: Delta Force 2: Operation Stranglehold.

Can anyone figure out any possible resemblance between these two movies? I mean how bad a speller would you have to be to turn Delta Force into Porco Rosso? Or is there some subtle plot linkage that I’m missing?

Amazon uses fuzzy logic for their searches, so that they don’t lose out on sales to poor spellers.

They’re holding out the hope that if “?orc?” = “force” and “???” = “Delta”, and the word order isn’t important, “DELTA FORCE” is what you’re looking for.

Similarly, if you search for the movie’s Japanese title Kurenai no Buta, rather than return a negative result, which you can be damned sure won’t generate any revenue, they still have the faint hope that you just can’t type for beans, that the ?UT? = OUT! and “no” is the english word “no”, that “NO WAY OUT!” is what you intended to type.

It’s really fuzzy logic, but unless the extra bandwidth is going to bankrupt them, I guess it makes good sense from a marketing point of view.

“Crimson Pig” hits the mark, but you’re out of luck. No copies available through Amazon.

I believe Disney’s planning a release this April. If you absolutely need it before then, you’ll have to pay through the nose and import it from Japan (or get an illegal bootleg from Ebay, but I’m not going there and neither should you :wink: ). I’d recommend just waiting.

FWIW, this is my favorite Miyazaki movie. The dub sounds like it’s going to be a hell of a lot of fun. Marco is being played by Michael Keaton and the stupid American guy is being done by Carey Elwes (perfect casting there, I think). I’m actually looking forward to it, and I hardly ever watch dubs.

But why not the original Delta Force instead of Delta Force 2? For that matter, why not Porky’s or The Rose?

Oh well, I guess I’ll wait until April.