Chulhuism and the Cold War

Just an appreciation thread for a short, hilarious alternate-history piece by John J. Reilly*, which you can read here:

  • A conservative Catholic intellectual who writes a lot about alternate-history scenarios, polysci and eschatology, among other topics. If curious, just click the buttons on his website, at the top of the page.

For all his erudition, he spelled “Cthulhuism” wrong.

:o And so did I, in the thread title!

In his alt history section, I also recommend the revised obituary for occultist, terrorist & British Fascist Clive Staples Lewis.

And it’s a damned good thing too. You don’t want to end up summoning him here, do you?

Yeah. Eveybody knows the Great Old Ones come when their names are called…y’know, like that one dude Haster. No, Hastyr. Hastoor. Shit. You know, that guy.

I wouldn’t turn around, because I think he’s behind you.

Very funny piece! Almost has a McSweenish flavor to it.

McSweeney’s? Anyone? Anyone? Bueller?