Chunky Girls

I think that girls and young women are getting more chunky i.e.(big).
They look more and more like girls from Robert Crumb comics.
Of course Men don’t look so good either.Am I right?

Everybody’s gettin’ fat, except Mama Cass.

Funny that he would post a thread like this immediately after paying.

On this board, that is worse than saying tattoos look skanky.

there’s a polarization of weights in young, impressionable females these days, mostly brought on by mass-media definitions of what is acceptable… showing barbie-doll figures such as xtina, lindsay lohan, and hillary duff leads girls to struggle to look like them… however, very few can, due to lack of funds and professional image consultants. there are some that succeed, but many don’t, leading to depression, low self-esteem and possible eating disorders that lead to the aforementioned chunkiness. it also needs to be taken into account the number of girls who choose to be chunky and happy as an anti-trend, following the usual path of teenaged rebellion.

as far as i’m concerned, under a size 10 need not apply

This is bad, HOW?

Oh, dude. You have no idea how badly you are going to get hit for this one. It was nice knowing you…you asked interesting questions.
3 will get you 10 there isn’t even a grease-spot left.

I prefer only creamy women.

You’re pitting fat people? Good luck with that.

Just some friendly advice…be very careful with your pittings. They can and will turn against you. Think out your posts a little more, nonpolar - stuff like this could get the “don’t be a jerk” rule thrown in your face.

Now, if you were specifically criticizing the social conditions that have brought about the obesity “epidemic,” have at it. But the OP doesn’t sound like that.

Who’s Robert Crumb?

Here’s a website to get you started, CanvasShoes. Then there’s the official Crumb website.

What I hate is when they start looking like girls from Bil Keene comics.

“She’s a perfect ten, but she wears a twelve, Baby keep a little two for me
She could be sweet sixteen, bustin’ out at the seams, It’s still love in the 1st Degree.”
-The Beautiful South

See here. **NOT ** work-safe!!!

Dude, you are so banned. If not banned, just burned the fuck up. Kiss your ass goodbye. :stuck_out_tongue:


More than a handful is not a waste!

I, for one, prefer women that are on the chunky side.

Tiny waist, big boobs, baby got back, what could be wrong with Keene girls? Is it the disappearing feet thing? :smiley:


What Dan Turk said.

nonpolar , this is an inane topic for a Pit thread. True, some people eat too much and don’t care about themselves, but there are a lot of people out there who are big for various other reasons and it’s not their fault. FYI, some of those “chunky” girls are more muscle than fat. Skinny doesn’t necessarily equal healthy and strong.

If you don’t like big girls, nobody’s forcing you to date them, so why are you complaining?