Church Music

OK, all you church-goers, what’s your favorite type of church music? Is it the contemporary style that you sing off of transparencies that always get out of order somehow or is it the old-tyme hymns that were probably first printed by Gutenberg himself? A mix, perhaps? What do you think? What does your church use? Do you like what your church uses?

My church (a Church of Christ) uses the old hymns. It’s not so much that I don’t like them, I just like the contemporary stuff a LOT better.

Well, my favorite kind of church music is the kind that a choir sings up on the bacony in those old, grand Roman Catholic churches. I think a lot of it is in Latin.

As for what I can and like to sing, it would be more along the lines of “Holy, Holy, Holy” and it’s genre… :wink:

One word, Bach. My absolute favourite type of church music. I hate the contemporary new-ageish crap. Vatican 2 really ruined church music.


Gotta go with SqrlCub here. If you have a big pipe organ and a choir who can sing, you have to go with the clasics. There are a few (I stress few) contemporary hymns that will stand the test of time, but already most of them sound as archaic and out of place as most of the ones written 100 years ago.

Gregorian Chant.

All right, I don’t go to church. But I still like Gregorian chant, and Bach and Handel, and Gospel music, too, for that matter.

Negro Spirituals. Absolutely love 'em!

My absolute favorite is Vivaldi’s Nulla In Mundo Pax Sincera, followed by his Gloria in D RV589. I also like Bach’s St. Matthew’s Passion. Pretty much anything in Latin. I also really like the morning hymn sung by the nuns in The Sound of Music - the a cappella “Alleluia.” I don’t know if it’s a real hymn or something just composed for the movie, but I just love it.

I hate contemporary hymns that are really talking about loving God or Jesus, but if you didn’t know it, you would think they were about a romantic relationship - you know, the ones with lyrics like, “His love will never fade, I can always lean on Him, etc.” I hope I don’t offend anyone by saying that; I just don’t like that style of music.

I like some of the old classics, but gospel music is brilliant. Some new style hymns are good and I definitely prefer them to the old stuff in general.
Some contemporary Christian music (as opposed to hymns) is really cool.

Democritus wrote:

Kyrie Eleison, dude!

(Which, ironically, is the only movement from any Roman Catholic mass that is in Greek rather than Latin!)

Incidentally, I can recite the words to the entire Gloria in under one minute…

Any church music with drums and an electric guitar gets a thumbs down from me.

Is that just a preference, or do you think there’s biblical doctrine to back it up?

In my church, we have a band, i.e. drums, bass, two guitars, a sax, trumpet, keyboard, and a lead singer, who leads us in song. They play all the newest contemorary music, and I love it. Of course, I go to a Pentecostal church, so clapping, and jumping up and down are all part of the fun.

To me, a pipe organ sounds too…old, and archaic. Same with hymns. Don’t get me wrong, I love a good hymn now and then, but I prefer the contemporary stuff, such as “Hosanna,” “Vineyard,” or “Hillsongs” music

Oh yes, Zion, I love the jumping up and down stuff! Its wonderful! We are happy before God, and should praise Him like we mean it.
My favorite tape is PraiseSongs 2000 from Hillsongs.
Right now my favorite songs are All Things Are Possible and
My Redeemer Lives.:slight_smile:



No, really! I can! It ends up sounding something like this:


Contemporary all the way. Of course, this has NOTHING to do with the 7 years I spent in contmporary choir. Nosiree. :slight_smile:

Absolutely not contemporary. For the rare occassions I make it to church, I always choose to go to Saturday night mass (RC Church) because I know there is NO goofy band singing silly songs. I actually think I would enjoy church more if there was no singing or music. But since I’ve never heard of a church w/o singing or music, I would much rather listen to an organ and the old hymns than this contempo christian/christian rock stuff.

This is from someone who avoids churches like ebola plague zones, but from my youthful experience, I’d say it depends on the church.

Bach, Gregorian chants, gospel, contemporary; the music seemed to function no better than the degree to which the worshippers received it. That might sound stupid, but the connection between music and listener is crucial.

I’ve heard beautifully played and sung music that was just “sat through”. Likewise, the little country church we attended in my youth featured very traditional hymns, the organ was out of tune, and (may I be frank?) Methodists can’t carry a tune in a bucket. But somehow it all worked. Everyone warbled at full voice, caring more about why they were singing than how they sounded. The general concept was, “you’re singing to praise God, and no other reason”.

That clarified nothing, but hey.


I like all the Olde English lute tunes, like Greensleeves.
What I really don’t like is choral groups so large you can’t make out the words. At some point, it’s impossible to make all the voices synch.