I’ve developed a taste for chutney. Specifically, chutney on baked pita bread. Nom nom nom nom nom nom.

The local Indian grocery has a severely limited selection of chutneys, and a Yahoo search only turned up links to other Indian grocers (also with a limited selection of chutneys).

So two questions:

1: Is anyone aware of a website that has a wide selection of chutneys? A sort of chutney clearinghouse, if you will.

2: Failing that, can you recommend for me a specific brand, flavor, etc. that you have enjoyed?


I’m really big on the mango-ginger chutney from Trader Joe’s.

I guess it depends on what you mean by chutney because like curry it’s become something of a catch-all term. Do you mean the mint/date style chutneys served with Indian snacks, the stickier jam-esque chutneys or the spicy pickles or the ones that are like a really spicey hot jam?

The biggest reason you may not find a chutney clearing house is that Indians still make them at home from scratch. My parents make all their preserved pickles and chutneys in August (chili, mango chili, lemon etc.) after their garden harvest comes in and then make the fresh ones on an as-needed basis.

My favourite is definitely that sticky mango one my mom makes that’s runnier than a jam and spicy-sweet as hell. It’s a Konkani specialty (she’s Goan). Other favourites are this Punjabi one that I like eating with chana…panchasomesome, ambli (also konkani), sweet tomato and grated garlic coconut. I remember when my mom used to make me and my sister help her peel the cloves for garlic-coconut, our fingertips would be stinging by the end of the day. I think she may bring that one back from India now.

Well, the mango chutney that my Indian grocer has me hooked on is comparable in consistency to jam. It simulatneously sweet and savory, with the teeniest hint of heat. I’m basically looking for that, in other flavors besides mango.

I don’t really care for chutney specifically, but I’ve got a killer shrimp dip recipe that is basically mango chutney, cream cheese, sour cream, curry and chopped shrimp that is amazing.

Wisconsin Cranberry Chutney is one of my faves, when I’m not eating mango chutneys…

I used to work at an Indian restaurant, and this middle-aged Pakistan woman made a coconut chutney that inspired true devotion. It was a terrible job; I would have probably quit after the first month if not for that chutney. Sigh.

A great camping snack is Cool Ranch Doritos with Major Grey’s chutney.

HeyHomie: I’d recommend sweet tomato chutney then. There are a ton of recipes on the web and it’s pretty easy to make. Not sure if anyone makes it commercially. If you master the technique you can sub out tomatoes for any other ingredient-peaches etc.