Chutzpah Award: Profitt (Kentucky Stomper) Wants Apology from Woman Whose Head He Stomped On

I can’t believe it either. At least with Ginny Thomas, there’s still some room, however minuscule, to believe Anita Hill was making the whole thing up.

But this guy knows that he saw Lauren Valle being held down on the street, with her head on the curb, and he stomped on her head just because. And the video’s out there, so he knows everyone else knows this too. And yet he wants her to apologize to him.

Anyway, I don’t think she’s going to pull a Harry Whittington for him.

Ah. An advocate of ‘don’t retreat, reload’.

Channeling his inner Cheney.

I suspect his lack of remorse will only make the monetary damages award larger.

Well, it is the Republican way to get an apology after you stomp someone’s head, or shoot them in the face.

I wonder if the judge who sentences him for assault is allowed take statements like this into account when deciding how much jail time he gets?

ETA: Must type faster…

In his defense, he’s still the most reasonable tea-partier in America.

C’mon everybody, be fair, that was a brand new pair of shoes she ruined.

Dude, do you know how painful it is to stomp on somebody’s head when you have a bad back?

It’s not his fault. He was going to get back surgery but his insurance ran out. And now that Obamacare is the law, he’s in danger of getting death-paneled if he goes to another doctor.

Lobohan be bringing da funny and shit.

Wait, what? Somebody got curb-stomped by a teabagger? I miss all the fun. :frowning:

No no… while being pinned to the sidewalk, some lady provocatively made the Tea-partier stomp her.

She was asking for it - lying there with her head just poking out of her shirt just begging to be stomped.

BTW - I love the defense - “I had to stomp her with my foot, because I have a bad back, so I could not bend over to punch her.”

Bear in mind that this was Kentucky. I mean, it’s not as if the woman were a horse.

“If I were twenty years younger I’d have jumped up and elbow-dropped that lesbonian. As it was I had to burn those Timberland’s because I didn’t want her big-city Hepatitis tracking over my floors and infecting mah dog, KarlRover.”

  1. Follow specific set of instructions

  2. Que up some Grand Funk Railroad

  3. Profitt!

How dare she put her head under his shoe like that!

I can’t. I just can’t. Ya’ll are really killing me.

Quibble. A trivial point, but that’s the trouble with quibbles.

I don’t think “stomp” is the word. Its definitely some form of assault, and if I were there I would have felt obliged to bring my Cringing Mantis Kung Fu skills to the fore.

But its not a “stomp”.

That said, I hope she sues the living bejessus out of everybody. Too bad we don’t have any lawyers on the Boards.

Since Paul supporters are flagging the holy fuck outta the YouTube videos of the stomping incident (under the “ONOZ IT’S TOO VIOWWENT, THINK OF TEH CHILDRENZ!!1!” rationale,) I figured a link to the DailyKos archived version is in order, just so everyone’s on the same page regarding what actually happened. Note that Mr “Bad Back” had no apparent problem bending over quite a bit while he was wrasslin’ Ms Valle to the ground.

Well, we don’t have the sue the bejeesus out of someone type of lawyers. We do have the type of lawyer that could give us a good ten-page debate about what, technically, is or is not a “stomp.”
(And whether or not the stomper was being tone deaf to the stompee.)