I stopped smoking cigarettes earlier this week (it wasn’t that hard, since I smoked for only six months), but even though I have had very little signs of withdrawal, I currently really want a cigarette. A friend of mine left a box of Phillies blunts here, and I’m thinking about smoking one of them.

Before I smoke it though, I’d like to know if there is enough niccotine in a Phillie to throw me off track and reignite the addiction?

Any nicotine is enough. Try the patch or gum if you can’t hold out. You have to really be committed to this and realize that there is no such thing as “just one more.” I wish you strength and deep breaths of good air.:slight_smile:

Yep, Stitch is right. Cigars can be very high in nicotine. Besides, if it didn’t have nicotine, it wouldn’t cure the craving.

BTW, I’ve gotta ask; was Stitch in time? :stuck_out_tongue: :duck:

Less than a week is way way too short to cure your addiction to nicotine. If you started smoking cigars now, you would basicly be substituting cigars for cigarettes.

I think it should be several months at least before you have a cigar.