Circumcised vs. Uncircumcised !!!

I my self am uncircumcised. Personally speaking, I love my foreskin. I was wondering if there is a major difference out there, sexually speaking ofcourse, between circumcised and uncircumcised men speaking of the “pleasure factor” if you will. I was wondering if there are any men out there who have become converted to the practices of Judaism and decided to get circumcised at a later age in life. Is there a difference between how it feels? Also to all you women reading this entry, do you find there is a difference in pleasure between circumcised and uncircumcised? I’m not talking about whether or not the guy was good or not because of how much skin he had on his penis. I’m talking about pure feeling between the two and not technique. Thanks

For the love of god please withdraw this question. :wink:

I’ve actually got smoke coming out the back of my computer…………the monitors shaking………

well, omega, according to experts the uncircumcised penis was originally used to make beer for the first civilization which consisted of wealthy women who only liked to have sex on the outside of their vaginas. that’s all i know about it.

My french pal Eric got circumcized at 25…cause he wanted to look like a real normal man. have no idea if they used the extra skin to make beer.

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I must say both were nice, but i would choose uncut if i had to stick with just one.

Go here for some links to recent threads on this very topic. Be afraid. Be very afraid…

Lee, he asked about circumsized vs. uncircumsized. We are not talking about cut// uncut. No question, uncut fucks deeper.

Back to the original question: is there any woman who can tell the difference between the two models? I mean, as far as plain old peno-vaginal fucking goes? And if you close your eyes, and I put mine in your mouth, will you be able to tell the difference? Or the year? The manufacturer?

We all have our idiosyncrasies in foreplay with foreskin, I know.


Are you being deliberately obtuse?

I can tell.

Hi, are you by any chance related to Jack Dean Tyler? From the subject you’ve got wrapped around your heads (hee hee), you might well be brothers.

No, Lee.
I am obtuse. I KNOW that an uncut one is much better. I understand, it’s your experience, too. Why the question?
Do your prefer to use the term “shortened”? Or “longitudinally challenged”?

Something just came to my obtuse mind:

Why don’t we start to practice political correctness in our bedrooms? I want to stop any discrimination based on circumcisionness. All men will be required to use black condoms (thin but nontransparent). So, women simply wouldn’t know their circumcision status. Element of uncertainty would add to the exitment. As an extra benefit, black color will add the often missing element of solemnity to our bedrooms. And you may say to your girlfriends next morning at the office water-fountain: “We had terrific sex yesterday. I wore my black lacy stockings and Johnny put his black condom on! It was out of this wotld!”

FWIW, my opinion:

No difference in sensation.

Uncircumsized penises do not taste like beer.

I have no preference either way, except my SO’s in uncircumsized & is my favourite penis in the world.

“is”, not “in.”

Oops, interesting slip. haha.

You may now return to your regularly scheduled thread.

Never think about what they do with foreskins after a circumcision, when you’re eating calamari.

We agree again Cara, they are all good, circumcised or not. Even cut ones (not too much, though), although I’m sure, you and most other women have no experience.
Speking of taste, I was told, more than by one, that the ejaculate (“cum”) tastes like olives. Is it true?

And lastly, do not believe that Jewish (and Moslem) women would stand sexual derprivation for millennia, if uncircumsized penises were "inadequate).

peace, more like a faint chlorine taste than olives. Though people differ in taste.

Johnny…ick! I promise not to think about foreskins next time I eat calimari.

Against my better judgement, I’m going to move this thread to In My Humble Opinion.

And I’m going to tell people to keep it civil.

And then I’m going to get slythe’s address and mail him a case of beer so he doesn’t kill me.

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