Question for women about circumsition

I have a friend who I am told is uncircumsized and from what I hear from the women he has been intimate with most were not at all impressed with his performance. I asked why that was and one or two of them blamed it on him being uncircumsized. Others just thought he wasn’t any good in bed. I was just wondering if most women prefer a one or the other and why.

I’ve never been with a circumcised man. I have no complaints about my uncircumcised SO’s performance. None whatsoever, thanks. :wink: :smiley:

My best friend says she’s slept with both cut and uncut and hasn’t noticed any correlation of performance to the status of the man’s foreskin (i.e. she’s had good lovers who were circumcised and bad lovers who were circumcised; same with un-).

Hey, novacaine, there was a guy on the Board about a year and a half ago who had some, ahh, interesting theories on this subject. You may want to search his old posts…he was called Jack Dean Tyler. :smiley:

I have absolutely no preference one way or the other, and I think your friend is just using his foreskin as an excuse for being a crap shag :slight_smile:

Absolutely in agreeance with Ruadh’s sentiments! Given that women are less stimulated (at least to orgasm) by the size/shape/dimensions etc of the male appendage than by other ‘features’, I don’t see how a hooded willie is any different to a non-hooded specimen me’self.

And I’ve been with both. and it makes no bloody difference whatsoever. ALL men are lousy lovers!!!

my SO is un-cut. No complaints here:D :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

watching what i post. . . . . :wink:

I am an American - previously married to an American - now married to an Englishman…

In the U.S I had only ever experienced snipped, and they were crap lovers. But they were bad lovers in their own right. It had nothing to do with being cut. Perhaps it has to do with American men being bad lovers (the ones I had), but hey… that’s another thread.

Now I have uncut and boy is it wonderful!!! He is a fantastic and sensitive lover who happens to be ‘intact’. I find the foreskin does add a bit extra pleasure for me, and he is more responsive and sensitive. An added bonus for me is…erm… ‘play value’. I find the foreskin extremely fun to play and experiment with… :stuck_out_tongue:

IMHO, I much prefer uncircumcised.

As for correlation between snipped and performance… nope. Can’t see one, nor have I experienced it… If someone is a bad lover then they are a bad lover. Being intact is just a benefit.

For a sociology class at university I wrote a term paper on this subject as I am against this practice. If anyone is interested I’d be happy to e-mail it… makes for interesting reading :smiley:

Basically it comes down to how you feel about it. If it feels good, it feels good.

I’ve only been with snipped men. Some were wonderful and others I actually slept through. I think it’s just the guy. My husband and I have chosen not to circumsize our boys and it’s nice to hear that women aren’t horrified by this. When my brother changed that first diaper, he told me we’d done a horrible injustis to our son, that no woman would touch our son b/c of the way he looked! After that I had some doubt as to the right of our decision.


You do realize your going to Hell for that.

In my experience, it makes no difference in the quality of the sex…Some women, however, prefer the aesthetics of a circumsised penis over an un-circumsised one. I suspect that this is because (at least in America, where I’ve heard it’s a much more common practice than, say, Europe) women simply haven’t been as exposed to “natural” organs. Excuse the pun :slight_smile:

Er, no offense to your brother, but what a jackass. Who would want such a shallow lover anyway? But, hey I’m a relatively new member of the uncut converted, so I’m terribly biased. Just make sure your boys keep good hygiene habits–in fact, one reason I think the uncut make better lovers is that they actually wash themselves (shocking concept for some men, it might seem) before “getting it on.”
Besides, your boys can always change their minds, or rather, heads, later on in life. It’s nice that you’ve given them that choice.

I’ve seen a guy with a table at Venice Beach, CA handing out literature with reasons against circumcision. It seems hilarious because I think the guy is Jewish. To answer the Q, it’s sort of like my answer to photography: It’s the photographer, not the camera! :wink:

Violet said, much to my alarm…

Uh oh, JDT was from SoCal…this guy didn’t happen to be selling “circumcision reversal kits,” did he?


Yes, Nenya_Elizabeth, we kid you not. Also known as the Tug-Ahoy ™.

Why do people keep bringing that name up? thry really wan tto summon that all over agin?

Hmm. I don’t remember reversal kits. Odd concept. I say leave well enough alone. Who’s JDT?

I see they also offer cockrings now.

I’ve been with men who are circumsized as well as with men who are intact. Aesthetically, I prefer intact… performance wise - I don’t think it matters.