Circus Peanuts



I think I might have a reason for the proliferation of circus peanuts, besides consumption by obviously sick individuals.

My girlfriend and her fiance used a scanner to scan in the items for their wedding registry at Target. He greatly enjoyed using the scanner and to placate him, she let him scan in the bar code for each item. At one point he dissapeared for a while, and she thought that he was scanning in manly items such as grills and tools. Not until later that month did she find that he had actually scanned in 276 bags of circus peanuts to their registry! Needless to say, she removed them, but not quickly enough.

She and her new husband received the circus peanuts after the reception, when they opened the door to their getaway car…it was completely filled with circus peanuts, compliments of prankster members of their wedding party!

I think that must have taken up the entirety of all circus peanuts currently available in the world. Perhaps that fast “run” on their products convinced producers to continue producing the odd snack. :chin: