Cirque du Soleil

I am a huge fan of the Cirque du Soleil and have seen 4 of their shows live. **“O” **in Las Vegas, **“Mystere” **also in Vegas, “Dralion” and “Quidam”. I am totally addicted to their music and I have every CD from each of their shows. My SO was accepted as a “future potential artist” for them (he’s a musician) and somedays I wish I could just run away and join the circus forever! Their shows and music are so inspiring and incredible.

Have you ever seen them live? If so what show and where and what did you think?

Here’s their website if you’ve never heard of them. They have continuing worldwide shows touring all the time.
Cirque du Soleil

I saw Dralion in Minneapolis last year and loved it! I liked the clowns and the juggler.

Alegria is here (or going to be very soon). Not sure if I’ll see it, but my brother and his wife are going.

My cousin has seen O in Vegas and said it was the most amazing thing she’s ever seen (and she’s seen a lot of shows in NYC).

I saw Quidam a few months back. I left in awe and absolutely in love with it. I’d like to get the soundtracks. I never really thought of it before, but I bet they’re great.
Hopefully I’ll get to another show one of these days.

So did I!

I really enjoyed the show, we’ll probably go to Alegria too, although we haven’t bought tickets yet. We saw Cheval a month ago, awsome show too, with HORSES!

I saw both Mystere and O in Vegas, and though O had more breathtaking moments, I liked Mystere just the slightest bit more, due to better costumes (there’s only so much you can do with performers that are jumping into a tank of water ever few seconds) and a more elaborate stage (again, limitations of a tank of water).

Not to take away from O in any way, though. I liked its music better and it was, as mentioned before, absolutely breathtaking!

I don’t like circuses, but I love Cirque du Soleil! :cool:

I just saw Dralion in the Seattle area on Sun 8/4. Amazing show, and we had really great seats. It was incredible that a lot of the audience didn’t realize the music was being performed live until the curtain calls when the band members and vocalists all appeared on-stage…!

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I saw O in Vegas, I’ve never seen anything like it in my life.

HA!! I live down the street (okay, a couple of miles) from La Nouba at Downtown Disney! Haven’t been there yet, but this week might be a good time: Florida residents get 20% off. I did get to see the backstage area: one of my friends’s brother was in the show, and he took us into the backstage area. Amazing. Simply amazing.

And Quidam is coming to Tampa for a short bit (November 13 through December 8, 2002) - wheee!

Short story made long:

My parents had just moved to Ocala, FL, and my mother–who tries to come up with “creative” presents (she bought me [at 31] and my brother [at 28] Playstations for Xmas)–said she’d gotten circus tickets for everyone’s birthdays, which all are in November and December. Great, Mom, how about a couple of shirts or some Dockers, or something I can use rather than making me smell elephant crap for two hours.

So, we make the 7-hour drive to Ocala, and the next night make the 2-hour drive to Downtown Disney. As we pass our tickets to the wage-slave with the forced smile, I see the price and my eyes roll back so far in my head I can see out my ass.

Then the show (La Nouba) started. I didn’t lean back in my chair for the entire time. My eyes were darting back and forth between the main act and everything going on in the background.

If you’ve only seen Cirque on A&E, you’re missing out. The sensory experience will put you into overload.

I saw Dralion last winter in Dallas and loved it. I might see La Nouba when we go to Disneyworld this fall. I have Nouvelle Experience on tape. While watching on tape is not as good as seeing it live, you actually get closeups of the performers that you wouldn’t have seen without getting the best seats.


I always wondered where the expression “20/20 hindsight” came from. Thank you. :smiley:

We took my dad to Alegria for Father’s Day this year. It was absolutely amazing! The whole experience–the music, the acts, the performers…it was all really fabulous. I too shuddered at the price but felt it was worth it afterwards.

I have seen Quidam four times: twice in Santa Monica, at the Pier, and twice here in DC. I flew to Ottawa solely to see Saltimbanco.

I’ve seen La Nouba and Mystere.

While Quidam remains my favorite – probably because it has the most tight “story” of all the productions I’ve seen – each Cirque show has been a marvel.

I hunger to see Allegria; the CD is superb.

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In order of preference…

  1. La Nouba - lots of action
  2. Dralion - (loved the clowns)
  3. Quidam - good story, good performances
  4. Mystere - too much of the strong-men act. I was exhausted when I saw the show, and I embarrassingly fell asleep a couple times during the performance.

Love Cirque. Love it love it. I’ve only seen two shows live (Mystere and Quidam), unfortunately, but I’ve snapped up all the DVDs (except one, see below) and I watch them often. Had to get them, don’t ya know; my videotapes were wearing out.

The show I’ve most wanted to see, but I’ve never seen, is Alegría, and that’s because, until now, it hadn’t been released on video or come anywhere near my hometown. They finally released it on DVD, but last I checked, they’re only selling it through CdS’s own online shop, and it’s hard to justify buying it just yet because 1. I’m kinda poor right now, 2. It’s pricey for a single DVD, $30 as I recall, and 3. I wouldn’t be able to contain myself and buy only one thing from them if I placed an order. sigh. Someday…

Cirque du Soleil is the most theatrical experience you can have, IMHO! It is a total environment that entertains and blows your mind!
I have seen all the shows except “La Nouba.” Saw “O” twice even! Braved 105 degree temperature in Chicago to see “Allegria.” (They had to run hoses on the tent to cool it down; the air conditioning simply wasn’t up to the job!)
And I have all the DVDs that have been released, plus most of the CDs.
I’m not crazy about the clown acts, but the contortionists, acrobats, fliers, etc. just knock me out!