Cirque Du Soleil

Whats your favorite Cirque Du Soleil show? Ive been to La Nouba, Quidam , and Alegria. Id have to say Quidam is my favorite, but I cant remember La nouba that much(was younger.) I just saw Alegria and enjoyed it tons, and I dont remember all of Quidam, but I remember in Quidam i was super inspired to create some beautiful piece of artwork/show thing just like the cirque…I duno, I was inspired.

Just Rambling =]

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I’ve seen Quidam and Dralion, and enjoyed them both very much. I’d have to give the slight edge to Dralion, because Quidam left me feeling sad for some reason.

CdS is FAR better than any circus that reeks of elephant urine.

Question: Were the diablos (four little Asian yo-yo artists) in your performance of Quidam? I saw them and I know they appear in the video, but it seems like everybody else I talk to has no idea what I’m talking about. They were one of the best acts in Quidam.

When I saw Dralion, the female lead was out sick (I assume) leaving the male vocalist (Erik Karol) to carry the whole show. Kind of a bummer, but Erik still did a nice job.

The Diablos were in my performance of Quidam - I loved them. I also seem to have a sweet spot for the guys in those ring things, those are so frickin cool =]. In my Show of Alegria there was no “Strong Man” there, he might have been sick or what have you. My Favorite act in Alegria was the Russian Bars(the little bendy sticks) And the Fast Track trampaline show.AFter I Saw Quidam I kinda thought “wow, heres this guys dream of an artistic fantasyland coming to life…maybe I can do something like that”. So maybe one day ill be able to make some artistic wonderland filled with gnomes or something =P. But everytime I see Cirque Du Soleil im like wow, this guy must have been on acid or something or allowed his imagination to venture into the very depths of artistic creativity.

Again… just rambling on =]

I agree.

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I have seen almost all the Cirque du Soleil shows. . . and my favorite is “O.” I’ve seen it twice and it blows me away. You have to see it at the Bellagio in Las Vegas. The addition of water to the Cirque experience is amazing. . . as is the theater/tank. Worth every penny!

To add to the survey: my performance of Quidam did not include the diabolo act. The first time I saw it was on the DVD. No idea why they didn’t perform.

I have seen two shows live: Mystere and Quidam. Every other show that’s available on DVD, I already own. Of the shows I’ve already seen, I think Quidam is my favorite.

I’ll be going to Las Vegas in September, and I know I’ll see at least one Cirque show. I’m debating whether seeing two would be too much, because I’d really like to see both O and Zumanity.

I saw Saltimbanco a long time ago, and i’ve seen both Alegria and Quidam. I want to see the other shows, but money is an issue for us right now! I don’t know which I liked the most - possibly Quidam. The Diablos were there for the show I saw. I think it’s neat to see the evolution of the Cirque from Saltimbanco to Quidam - I can only imagine what Dralion and Varekei look like, not to mention the Las Vegas shows!