Cirque in Vegas, O vs Mystere

And I’m really hoping for an answer fast.

We’re going to a Cirque du Soleil show in Las Vegas and I’m stuck here. “O” is a hot ticket, and close-up seats are way more expensive than other shows. They’re all expensive, I get that, but “O” is more-so. Good, close seats for “Mystere” are available at a more reasonable price, but we kind-of want to see “O”.

From the description, “Mystere” is a more traditional “Cirque” show, acrobatics and stuff like “Varika”, and that would be great from the 2nd or 3rd row. But I wonder about “O”. I remember going to see “KA” a few years ago. We had great, close-up seats, and I hated it. You need to see the whole stage, since the floating set is as important to the visual as any individual performance. I found it hard to view and absorb the entire mise en scène.

I’m thinking that “O” will be similar in that a balanced view of the stage will beat being “in the wet seats”, as it were. Yes? No? First row balcony of “O” equals third row “Mystere”, price-wise.

And we have other stuff to do in Vegas, and I can only handle one Cirque show.

Any help at all???

I have seen both “O” and “Mystere”. And I would agree that you don’t need to be in the “wet seats” to enjoy the “O” show. We had 2nd tier price seats, and they were just fine. It is a big auditorium (bigger than the one for Mystere), so it’s not like you could make out the performers’ faces. But you definitely got a great overall view of the stage. Given how much of the stage is utilized, having a broader view is better, IMO.


I’ve seen both, and enjoyed “Mystere” more than “O”. It’s possible my preference is nostalgia for the first one, but “O” seemed somehow colder.

No love for Love? It’s the cirque show with a Beatles soundtrack, playing at the Mirage, IIRC.

I love O. I’ve seen it twice, always from very high seats (which give a great view of the action). It’s fantastic.

O is still my favorite of all of them.

Save some money, go for Mystere. It’s a terrific night’s entertainment, the skills on display are breathtaking and top-notch, the action never stops and there’s a lot of fun in it. It’s a wonderful, complex, multi-layered spectacle that wraps you in theatrical splendour and ambition, with colour, movement, skill, music, art and myth all part of the experience. For an evening’s entertainment in Vegas, what more do you want?

Sure, ‘O’ is an excellent show as well, and lots of people rave about it. But I’ve seen both, and I preferred Mystere. ‘O’ is way more expensive, but unless there’s something about the ‘water’ theme that particularly excites you, I don’t see any need to splash your cash in that direction. The highlight is three artists who high dive (from very high platforms) into the water tank/stage at the end. That’s it. Now, high diving is an impressive sport and an amazing sight, but it’s not really showbiz. To my mind, too much of the rest of the show is show-horned to fit the water theme so that they can build towards this final climax. Mystere is more free-flowing and fun, and doesn’t look like any one element or moment is allowed to dominate the others.

I have seen both–Mystere from the front row, and O from the 2nd tier. I preferred Mystere. I loved being close and seeing the performer’s faces, plus I preferred the show.

Alright, guys.

Thanks for the response. I’m still on the edge, but I need to book today, and I’m definitely leaning toward the more intimate Mystere. Gotta check with the family again.

Saw O from the last row. It was awesome.

You guys are making me want to go see Mystere.

I saw “O” from second row center on my honeymoon and was absolutely blown away. But I haven’t seen any other Cirque shows, so I have no idea what I’m missing.

This also makes me realize “O” has been around a long time, since I got married 9.5 years ago.

Let’s be honest here - you see one Cirque, you have pretty much seen them all.

Oh sure, there are different sets, different music and KA even has a plot - but it is pretty much the same acrobatic feats, same ethereal type music (other than the Beatles music in Love) and the same non-verbal MC who uses noises passed off as a language.

Don’t get me wrong - if you like one set of teeny, tiny French Canadians doing cartwheels 100 feet in the air, you’ll probably like them all.

But as a newbie, I would go with Mystere - see if you like the concept - and then next time, pay extra for a show with a larger set in a fancier location, and then keep going to one Cirque show after another…

Here in Las Vegas, you can go to Mystere, “O”, LOVE, Zumanity and KA…not to mention the almost exact same type of show(without the Cirque brand name) at Le Reve in the Wynn Hotel (which I actually thought was the best of that genre). And if you can’t get enough, there is a touring company traipsing all over the world and the newest casino on the Strip, set to open in a year or so, will be having an Elvis Cirque show.

And at all of those theaters, there really isn’t a “bad” seat…some are just a tad closer to the stage as other seats, but you still get the grand effect no matter where you sit.

Have fun - and I doubt you will be disappointed - no matter which one you choose.

I preferred Mystere, personally. Part of it was that it was the first Cirque show I’d ever seen, part of it was the costumes. O, what with all the water and diving, has very specific restrictions on its costumes – spandex from head to toe, a lot of body paint – but Mystere has far fewer restrictions and so the costumes are much wilder and imaginative. Mystere also has a wider variety of “acts” which is nice, but by no means a knock on O.

You’ll have a grand time no matter which one you end up choosing, so have fun!

The only Cirque show I have even seen was Love. It was one of if not THE best live performances I have ever seen. Broadway, Concerts, Symphonies. Not much is in the same neighborhood as Love.

The way their acrobatics and dancing synced PERFECTLY with the Beatles was astounding.
I cannot recommend it enough to anyone with even a passing interest in the music of the Beatles.