Cisco is on a "Posting Sabbatical"? how does that work?

I just noticed that Cisco is now listed as “Posting Sabbatical” rather than “Member”. I don’t want to know any details about Cisco’s situation, but I don’t remember ever seeing that category before. Is it new?


I’ve seen it used before in rare cases where the poster wants to take a voluntary to break from the board. I think they are effectively banned until they indicate they’d like to come back. The “Posting Sabbatical” title avoids the negative connotations that “Banned” carries. I guess they fear they don’t have the will power to just stop posting for a while.

Nah. Much classier.

Funny, we don’t pronounce it vah-gee-nah in the States… :smiley:

<runs and hides>

If someone requests a “Posting Sabbatical,” they have all the functions they had as members except they cannot make postings.

Usually people ask for one when they’re working on some big project or involved in something that is important and taking up a lot of time and they don’t want to be tempted to spend time making postings instead of working.

It’s totally voluntary; you put yourself on it and take yourself off with an email to any administrator

The subscription time clock continues to tick regardless and we warn people not to let this get past them, especially our Charter Members.

I do.

Can we get paid posting sabbaticals where we get to travel to an exotic location and not post?

Absolutely. People do it all the time, even non-Members. But the Reader won’t pay for it; you’re obliged to find the company/agency/foundation/grant which will on your own. :smiley:

Thanks for the explanation, TubaDiva. Did not know about this option before.

*You say “vah-gee-nah”,
I say “vah-gin-ah”,
You say “Re-gee-nah”,
I say “Reg-i-nah”.



Let’s call the whole thing off!*

So, not to be a jerk or anything, but didn’t some person recently asked to get “banned” for a couple of hours? Why did this never come up in that situation?

The person who wanted to be banned asked to have the experience “just to know what it felt like.” Different story altogether. We didn’t oblige him, btw.

We have in the past attempted to intervene in meltdowns by danging a posting sabbatical in front of the affected person. “Why don’t you take some time off . . . get back to me in a week or so?” They often take us up on it and that’s to the good. Sometimes they just keep on going and when it comes to that place we don’t have a lot of options. It’s all about the power of choice.

Ah yes the posting sabbatical, I used it. I have a complicated life, and a weak spirit. So when I caught myself spending to much of my time fighting with imaginary (well posters here) and allowing it to get to me, I left. But I wanted to make sure I could still use the valuable GQ search functions, so I requested the posting sabbatical, which I was on for quite some time. TubaDiva was excellent in implementing, and removing the tags, both with-in minutes of my email request.

But wouldn’t the temptation to* read t*he board still be there? I know I waste a lot more time reading than posting.

Anyone can read, even the banned.

In that case, simply ask your electricity supplier to cut you off temporarily. Or if at work, don a pair of dark glasses. Very dark glasses.

Peril sensitive sunglasses.

Okay, I think the question has been answered to everyone’s satisfaction now.