Go fuck yourself.
I’m not sure if you were trying to get me to flame you in that thread, or you’re just a fucking moron, but I’d greatly appreciate it if you took your six-sized too large head out of your overstretched rectum and then [del]stuck it under a[/del] (you can’t wish harm on another poster) and fucked yourself.

Are you guys arguing about guns again? God.

It’s really about who’s got the biggest dick innit? Go outside and play boys, come back when you can be nice to each other.

Oh, and put away yer’ willies too.

The irony, it … meh.

Ah, darnit. I even read the rules of the pit before I posted the OP.

Sorry. about that.

The OP has already been reminded of the rules. He’s apologized and asked me to close this thread. I’ll do that in this case.

Pit Moderator