Fuck you "fuck you"!

You fucking fucker. You think you’re so cool, being the king of the swear words. You think you’re the shit, nay, better than The Shit, because you get top billing in all pit threads. You sit there lording over the asses. You scoff at the bung mungers. You edged out the felchers and don’t think they’re not demanding a recount.

What the fuck is your problem, fuck? Top of the food chain ain’t good enough for you? You’re a fucking adjective, a fucking verb, a fucking noun, a fucking adverb. You are the entire fucking English language and that ain’t enough for you, is it? What’s next? Participle? Pronoun? El Fucko Spanisho? You’re that versitile.

You even have urban legends created because of you, you King Fornicator.

Well I quit. You’re too good for me! There! I admit it. I don’t need some fucking word that feels like it’s “slumming it” every time I type it.

I’m done with you, fuck. We’re through. Forever.

And this time, I mean it.


Fuckin’ A, dude!

Fuck! It’s whats for dinner!

Oh, screw it.


[sub]sorry, I had to get it out of my system[/sub]

:smiley: :stuck_out_tongue: :smiley: :stuck_out_tongue:

You just made my day!

I’m a big fan of “furshlugginer” myself. Og love furshlugginer.

Heh. Ender said, “bung mungers.”

You’re all a bunch of wankers.
If you can’t take my rant with all the seriousness that it was intended, I expect you to get the fudge out of my thread.

Yeah! Fuck all you fuck-saying fuckers!! Get the fuck out of Ender’s fucking anti-fuck thread!

I am so fucking offended by all this gratuitous cursing.


He jumped fuckly?

Like I’m really fucking interested in what you have to say.

What the fuck is this fuckin"gratuitous cursing" that all y’all fucks speak of?

It’s all fucked.

Fuck, this fucking shit. I mean who the fuck, can fuck with fuck anyway, moreover who gives a flying fuck? Fuck, fucks you up and then doesn’t even give a fuck. Does fucking anybody give a fuck?

I’d just like to say… fuck off can mean to spend time idly?? More versatile than I thought! (cite)

Here’s an idea: Fuck/Counterfuck

A news-debate-style show about whether or not the word ‘fuck’ should be used as often as it is.


¡Jódete, amigo!