Why so much use of "fuck" in thread titles?

Do we have a bunch of folks who aren’t clever enough to use any other word besides “fuck”? I mean, as I’m typing this, 7 of the top 11 threads here in the Pit have a form of “fuck” in the title. It just looks pretty silly.

It’s 8 now David :wink:

That’s 8 of 12 with yours.

g, d & r…

Thanks to you, DavidB, it’s 7 out of the top 10.

Have a nice day.:smiley:

Well, it’s better than “felch.”

Godamighty, I’m getting tired of “felch.”

It’s such a versatile word.

What erks me is the way people say “since I’m in the pit [insert swear words here]” . I have no problem when anybody curses but just adding them in for the sake of it just seems childish to me.

Techchick, you are so fucking right. Fuck is just the perfect word-in-between-words. Some people say “um” when they’re trying to think of the next part to their monologue. Others say “fuckin”. For instance “I was walking to the store when someone pulled up in this… fuckin’… BMU, so anyway…”

Without the word fuck there’d just be a lot of dead air. It’s also great for adding punctuation.

First, someone gets all bent out of shape BECAUSE THERE ARE TOO MANY CAPS and then there is now too much fucking go on in the pit, what’s next?

I would like to see less of the word “the” used myself. That pisses me off.

Because it’s possible to say “that fucking fuck fuckingly fucked his fucking way all over the fucking county”…
Nevermind, that really is gratuitous.

Besides, I don’t think “fuckingly” is a word. Still, it is pretty versitile as far as words go. Now, “wicked” (in the New England sense), * that’s * a word that you can use as damn near any part of the English language.

Anyone have the list of George Carlin’s four hundred something words you “shouldn’t” say?

Now that would be funny to post. It might actually give people some new words to use in their Pit posts.

:smiley: Found George Carlin’s website.

Because we fucking CAN David, because we fucking can.


If you don’t FUCKING know, then you don’ FUCKING deserve to be in the FUCKING pit. Now be a good boy and FUCK OFF.

Dave, I hate to agree with you, but it seem to be a sign of limited vocabulary.

To the first several people who replied: I knew somebody was going to point that out. :slight_smile:

Ike: I think if I’d included “felch” in my survey, it would have been ALL of the top 11 (or more).

Yojimbo said:

Exactly. And that’s the feeling I get with these thread titles. Like they feel they are in the Pit so they have to insert a “fuck” or two.

Daniel said:

Well, you don’t have to hate to agree with me, but, yes, that’s the feeling I get. Like they just aren’t creative enough to come up with a way to say something other than, “I hate that fucking felcher!”

Oh God yes David!!!

The word “fuck” and “felch” and now “squick” have been so over used, they no longer carry any punch whatsoever.

And yeah, what the hell is up with “. . .and since this is the PIT”? :rolleyes:

Isn’t everyone’s objective to get as many people to read their post as possible? It’s an ego thing.

So, in the average poster’s mind, the use of the word ‘fuck’ is the way to do it.

I doubt that, say, a Shakespeare board starts out many of the posts in that way.

Now, that fuckin’ Bacon board is another matter :slight_smile:

That’s why anybody with any sense doesn’t say “squick”, they use the much more lively “skullfuck”…geez, get with it :smiley: