Citizen Trump (et al.)

Damn, I love that movie. Probably my favorite low budget genre film.

What a surprise!

Vladimir Putin personally authorised a secret spy agency operation to support a “mentally unstable” Donald Trump in the 2016 US presidential election during a closed session of Russia’s national security council, according to what are assessed to be leaked Kremlin documents…

Being discussed in the new Mueller Investigation Outcomes thread here in the Pit, where it has been asserted that the Kremlin does not leak, ever, unless it wants to, and that this increases the likelihood that this is a manufactured leak. Speculation there is on why they would release/leak this document at this time.

An alternative theory is that these documents were obtained by a western spy agency which has chosen to leak them.

Seems too good to be true. Spot on with everything - “Trump is crazy” motivation, plot to set up “media viruses”, even “kompromat” from Trump’s prior visits to Moscow.

I feel like this is a fake to get people all riled up and then later release proof it’s a phony and embarrass the truth seekers.


The old KGB, and maybe the current security forces as well, were smart and tough but they weren’t impenetrable.

Her name was Alia, and I actually kinda liked the execution of the idea, myself.

Here’s another guy that committed a crime for Trump but was allowed to get away with it by other Trump allies:

I’m not sure it was a good idea to allow Mr. Barrack to post bail but it does make me wonder: what is the highest bond that’s ever been set in the US?

According to another story I saw, this was it.

ETA: actually (if this is accurate) the highest bail was $3bn

The three-billion-dollar bail was for Robert Durst and apparently it was reduced to $450,000 on appeal. (To be honest, I didn’t know you could appeal the bail amount.)

One would hope that it could. The BoR forbids excessive bail amounts, without specifying what level meets the definition of “excessive.” That guarantee is kinda meaningless if you’re not even allowed to argue against the first number that the judge puts out.

The link says that he was given a 3 billion dollar bail after he jumped from a 1 million dollar bail. Does that mean he forfeited one billion dollars? :astonished:

Typically, the actual amount of cash laid out is 10-20%, depending on the locality. So for $3B you’d have to pony up $300M-$600M.

And collateral for the difference.

I wonder where all or most of his assets are at.

Surprising absolutely no one, it turns out that none of the $75 million Trump has raised to audit the 2020 election has actually gone to that.

Original paywalled source:

Non paywalled source:

According to sources familiar with the matter, Trump has his PAC only to expense personal costs, like plane flights, legal services, and staff payroll.

Tim O’Brien, a Trump biographer, told the Post the Trump’s PAC “is probably the most lucrative thing he’s had in terms of cash flow since the Plaza casino in Atlantic City,” adding: “He has recognized because of what happened after the election — he can make money as a candidate.”

Do laws governing PACs contain provisions for financial oversight, such as audits? Is there even a government entity with standing to initiate one?