Citizen Trump (et al.)

Didn’t that Senate candidate who wasn’t a witch go to jail for living off her PAC?

Ten years ago, Stephen Colbert demonstrated that there were no limits on how PAC money could be spent (although in his case, it all went to legitimate charities). As far as I know, there is nothing illegal about how Trump has spent or not spent the money collected.

Christine O’Donnell? Nope. She was never even prosecuted. Grift away ye trumpies. The rubes in the cult can’t write those checks fast enough.

So this happened:

TLDR: Trump, in his usual incoherent manner, made a “funny joke” about how if he ran a women’s sports team he’d just hire transwomen to play. Because…well, you know why he said that. And then he made a “funny joke” about Lebron transitioning.

What an absolute shit that man is.

We were so close to not being a democracy; this was just a few months ago!

“Just say the election was corrupt and leave the rest to me and the R. Congressmen,” Trump said at one point to then-Acting Attorney General Jeffrey Rosen, according to notes taken by Richard Donoghue, a senior Justice Department official who was on the call.

No, sorry, this is completely incorrect. People observe a despot sitting on his/her throne telling the people what to do, giving orders and issuing edicts and think that that is all it takes to be a dictator. There is considerably more involved in a dictatorship, a lot of behind the scenes machinery, and most importantly, the palace staff have to be behind the despot. They have to be motivated to work for the dictatorship, to feel that it is a well-oiled machine and they are more than just a cog in it.

The CFSG was one of those people who did not understand the depth of tyranny. He thought it was as simple as just put in some toadies and it would all work out. But his toadies were humans who had feelings and still a few shreds of ethics left. They looked at him and thought, do I want to be seen as that guy’s toady? No one with genuine authority felt that there was a “yes” there.

So, ultimately, the RW dictatorship has not as yet come about here because, in playing to the morons, they let themselves slide too far into the ignorance and stupid. We were never a golden snatch whisker away from losing our democracy, such as it is. Not really even close.

I think democracy was harmed, at least temporarily, as long as a significant number of people insist on ignoring a legitimate election result. But no I don’t think we were anywhere near losing it.

It is incorrect that my comment was only considering that latest tidbit; the margin is already too thin.

O frabjous day!

Stay classy, Donald…

Former President Donald Trump has called the police officers who defended the Capitol on January 6 “p******.”

Mr Trump is said to have made the disparaging remarks about the officers during private conversations this summer, according to a report by the Daily Beast.

According to the report, Mr Trump told people close to him that the events of 6 January “broke” several officers because they weren’t tough enough…

As if Mr Trump has ever been a physical confrontation in his miserable fucking life.

I understand he was involved with plenty when he was in school, usually against boys who were much smaller than him.

If Cadet Bone Spurs had been defending the Capitol, the terrorists wouldn’t have had to bother defecating on the floors.

This from the guy who incited the terrorists and then scrammed to his hotel room. The word "contemptible " doesn’t begin to describe him.

It would be nice if one of his secret service agents pistol whipped him until he peed in his pants.

That’s one reason he wears adult diapers.
One reason.

Elections have consequences.

No surprise. A fake one.