Citizen Trump (et al.)

IIRC according to the stories about that, he fought with teachers too.

Remember that Trump was never a scrawny 93-pound weakling. He always had the physique to be a physical bully, and he was.

The US has not been a democracy for quite some time. It’s an oligarchy.

He has people for that.

I guess Individual 1 can’t find places to hold his rally. His next one is going to be in the middle of a cow field in Alabama.

Wait…Former President? But I was told he’ll be reinstated as President on the 13th. Was I misinformed? You mean he won’t be back in the White House instead of in a cow patch?

Individual 1’s GETTR “free speech” website is being invaded by pro-ISIS posts.

Wait … George Soros is a jihadist now?

Due to unforeseen circumstances, President Trump’s rightful re-inauguration has been delayed for two weeks.

Amazing what happens when one becomes known as a deadbeat who doesn’t pay their bills, especially to the cops for security services and such. Back the blue, indeed.

Hey; speaking of Trump money troubles:

I remember a day when that news would have elicited vengeful anticipation in me. Anymore, I just see something else that Trump will never be required to account for.

He spent the entire time in the White House trying to avoid debt. I suspect the Secret Service had to run a tab for his Quarter Pounders with him. Extra ketchup, no pickles.

No pickles?

He really DOES hate America.

Not that that was ever in doubt.

He is a sour enough experience as it is. Do you want to make it intolerable?