City government embarrassed to name building after former mayor Harry Baals.

I’m sorry I can’t stop snickering. Anyway the city of Fort Wayne Indiana recently put up an online poll to help to decide who to name a local building after. The top vote getter thus far: Harry Baals, by a huge margin. So far he’s racked up about 10,000 votes. The guy in second place has about 500.

TPTB, however, aren’t enthused.

I liked this,

I wonder if they’ll name their concert venue Beaden-Hoff Arena.

I blame Harry’s parents.

What? Had actual hairy balls not yet been invented in the 19th century? Why didn’t they just go ahead and give him “Swinging” for a middle name while they were at it?

We went out to eat last weekend in Ft Wayne and this was the topic of conversation with a lot of people there. Don’t surprise me with how Ft Wayne names some things. They renamed their baseball team from the “Wizards” to the “Tin Caps”. The name of their basketball team is “Mad Ants”. The concert hall will forever been known by the locals as the “Coliseum”.

This story is fantastic. Thanks for the laugh.

Hard to believe the Honorable Heywood Jablomey didn’t get a single vote.

He fell into disrepute after his scandalous affair with Amanda Hugnkiss was revealed.

I am a middle-aged woman and, damnit, I still laugh at Heywood Jablomey.

And Phil McCracken. And Pat McGroin.

My inner 12-year-old boy is alive and well, thank you.

I wonder if they could just name the building Harold Baals.

Thank god he beat Harry Bolstolik.

Earlier thread on this:

If Mayor Baals had a successful political career, ran for reelection etc. without being a laughing stock, then how was his name used on political signs? No way did they print Harry Baals on campaign stickers. Somehow, his name was used in a dignified way.

I’d name the building the H. X. Baals building. X being whatever his middle initial is.