Support for our Baals

From the AP:

Don’t know what else to say

If the current leadership had any Baals they’d know what to do.

But they don’t, so the new building will be named something banal & stupid.

In MAS*H lore, Frank Burns is from Fort Wayne, too. The town can’t win.
My mother grew up there. I must admit to snickering a bit when I sent her a link to that article a couple of hours ago…

I thought people would be objecting because Baal is* a super demon-type thing. What Midwestern community wants city hall named after Satan’s minion?

*: The name comes from “Ba’al,” a title originally applied to many deities and even some people, sometimes referring to a false idol, but not always.

I know a urologist named Dr. Ball. Nice guy.

Couldn’t they just call it the Harold Baals center?

I… I didn’t notice the first name. Harry Baals? Really?

I just… I don’t know what to say here.

Don’t need any support for mine. :slight_smile:

I would not care to hang around at the Baals center.

<possible hijack>The sports training facility at UGA is called the Butts-Mehre Heritage Hall.
Considering the ease of taking the last word which is pronounced as ‘May-er’ (as in Oscar Mayer) and turning into ‘Me-er’ which turns the phrase into something that describes an unfortunate underwear accident, I can’t understand why they didn’t invert the two names.

Are these folks totally tone-deaf?

</possible hijack>

You Dopers are really letting me down… I tee up a story about Hairy Balls (sp) and this is all we get. Didn’t anyone research to see if in High School he was a really big JOCK, or later how he became a huge ATHLETIC SUPPORTER? Then in his final years he had a bit part in a movie and became a member of SAG.

Come on guys, you can do better than this.

I guess we just don’t have the testicular fortitude that you thought we did.

So it’s either him or one of the other finalists. I wonder who the other finalists are…
Cole Balzac?

I wont be able to stop now.

Tess Tickles?

Looks like someone’s feeling a little teste today.

I was under the impression that the worship of Ba’al was well established long before Satan got a promotion from Divine Prosecutor to Prince of Darkness.

They really need to get a lesson from New Hampshire, who proudly elected several times Richard Swett. Yes, he does go by ‘Dick’.

Yeah, but imagine that Wild & Nutty ThanksgivingDay Parade

“Oh, and here comes The Sta-Pu ft Marshmallow Man! Matt Lauer, what’s that look like up close? Matt…? Matt? We seem to have lost some audio…”

Ba’al is not the same as Baal. Either way, though, Christians would object.

FWIW, I read a blog report early this week about Christians who objected to a young boy dressing up for Halloween as Daphne from Scooby-Doo. Fundies of any faith will object to just about anything.

(I’m not sure about fundie Pastafarians, though.)