Civ III: How do I stop these damn unit animations...

Is there any way I can turn off these bloody unit animations? It’s taking me an hour to get through just 3 turns. It’s almost becoming unplayable. I have tried unchecking the ‘unit animations’ box, but it is still taking forever. Is there anything I can do to hurry it up?

In the upper left corner, open the preferences box…you can uncheck all kinds of things…unit animations, animated battles, enemy animations, etc etc. Perhaps you should uncheck them all.

IIRC, some of those settings require you to exit CivIII and restart before they take effect. Hell, some take a reboot. I know exactly what you’re talking about - you sit for ten minutes and watch the other civs move their workers around. boooring.

Uncheck everything, reboot, and start it up again. That usually works for me.

I agree completely. I like having a huge amount of workers to totally cover the map in irrigation, mines and railroads. The trouble is, the game cycles through each one and takes forever. I’ll be watching this post to see if anyone has any good ideas. This is something that they should have figured out by now.

How big a game are you playing? If you’re playing a huge map with all the civilizations, then things will take forever. Also, wars, whether you are a part of them or not, take up a lot of time.

I don’t have any helpful advice beyond what has been given, but if it’s any consolation, others have been in the same boat as you. That’s why I keep a couple magazines nearby when I play a huge game.

In the early game, it isn’t much of a problem when there are fewer units at large, less terra cognita, and fewer contacted civs. Turns go quickly. But in the later game, when there’s so much going on (and I like to play in a large world), you gotta be prepared to take it slow. Wars take up your turns only when they’re in sight of your units. If they’re remote from your units, you don’t see anything. Sometimes, I send one of my units to a war zone just to watch the action, because when someone else’s city is conquered, it can open up prime real estate for me to settle if I get in there quickly (when a war starts, I keep a settler at the ready).

The main reason I don’t turn off animation is 'cause I want to see when somebody’s sneaking up on me and possibly planning an attack. When I’m in a war I need to know how it’s going blow-by-blow so I can fight effectively.

But it sure is annoying when a neighboring civ has this one dinky city occupying only 7 or 8 squares… and it moves about 49 units into that one little city… and on their turn all they do is go around and around… around and around… around and around… around and around… endlessly. Arrghghgh! And pointlessly. I wish Firaxis would fix that bug. I always get up and do something else when that starts to happen.