CIV IV modding question

In this thread Lungfish really helped me out by helping me change the speed of the naval units.

It worked.

Now I need to change the movement requirements of ocean square spaces to 1/2 a movement point leaving coastal spaces at 1.

Changing the terrain code to;


doesn’t work. I could just make the ocean spaces 1 and the coastal spaces 2 and double the ship movement, but that’ll affect everything that goes over water (aircraft etc.) and I don’t want to do that.

I looked into Rhye’s and Fall of Civilization mod (that has sea movement like this) the terrain is the same, but the code for movement for say the galleon is;

<!-- Rhye -->
I’m sure the “<!-- Rhye -->” part calls up some other code affecting this, but I don’t know where it is or how to write my own.

Perhaps you can help me.

Moved Cafe Society --> the Game Room.

In Rhye’s mod, this is done by making changes to the SDK; it’s not something that can be done easily through just the XML. Are you sure that you can’t just double the movement costs of coasts and then double the movement abilities of ships? That shouldn’t impact aircraft; as far as I know their range is defined by <iAirRange/> in the Civ4UnitInfos XML file.

You would think that you could also accomplish this by adding the ocean terrain type to <TerrainDoubleMoves /> in Civ4PromotionInfos, but I just tried that and it doesn’t work. So this may be something hard-coded in the DLL file.

Thank you, I’ll do that.