Civ vi players are you having a problem with the new launcher?

Ok it’s been a while since I’ve played civ because of my graphics card was having problems but I was playing 3 and was getting annoyed and decided to restart 6

Apparently, they’ve made a new launcher and it doesn’t work for me and I wondered if anyone else had problems with it and how did you fix it?

What sort of problem are you having, specifically?

it’s saying i need .dll files… and deleting and reinstalling the game might be helpful but it wasn’t

I did look on the internet and yeah people were having problems and 2K said a patch was on the way but I don’t know if I’m getting it or where to find it … and a lot of people just circumvented the launcher but i don’t know how to do that …

heres the errors and epic.s suggestions but ms wont let me install anything becuase it says i dont need them …