Civic Literacy Test - Mentioned in USA Today

Here’s the link.

I scored a 76% – not great, but better than those little punks at Harvard. :stuck_out_tongue:

75%. I would be ashamed, except I’m not American.

I got a 78.33%. Some of those were tough questions!

I got bored after the fourth question.

95% - Civis Americanus Sum.

Those who ignore history are doomed to repeat it - and I shall point and laugh. :smiley:

85%. That was pretty comprehensive.

96.67%. In your face everyone that scored lower than me.

83.33%- eat it, Yankees! :smiley:


I was once a political activist. It would have been higher but I guessed Interest, not social securityon question 60.

58 out of 60 or 96.67% - but I’m a 'Merican, and a political junkie. I’m also old enough that I experienced some of the events in the questions. Today I feel old enough to have experienced the founding of Jamestown …

88.33%, with 5 of the 7 I got wrong being questions dealing with political philosophy, something I’ll readily admit not knowing beans about. Well, I guess I have to now, don’t I.

73% - I actually thought I’d score lower. I was flying blind with most of the economics questions; I’ve never taken an economics class in my life.

You answered 56 out of 60 correctly — 93.33 %
I’m Canadian, though, so cut me some slack. Missed 33, 35, 36 and 58.

46 out of 60 - considering how much I hated history and civics in school, I find it to be pretty amazing.

I got a 90. I did fine with the history questions and most of the economics questions but tanked the political philosophy stuff. I just don’t seem to have the time to wade through Socrates, Aristotle and Thomas Aquinas.


Missed 5, and actually surprised I guessed right so many times. I have never been able to remember precisely what the Gulf of Tonkin Resolution does.

83.33%, and that wasn’t easy.

90%. Pretty poor for a Doper, but apparently quite decent for a college student :stuck_out_tongue:

90%. I"m fine with that.


Better than I thought, considering that I’ve never been anywhere near the US.